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Hello SAP Mobile Platform Community:

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that SAP Education has just released the “BMOB3e: SAP Agentry Essentials” eLearning bundle today. This RCT bundle comprises two 10 hour recorded classroom training classes (MOB30R and MOB31R) equivalent to the ILT version of MOB300. When you purchase the bundle, you will also receive the MOB300 Participant Guide.

You may also opt to purchase the two RCTs separately. However, please consider that you should complete both MOB30R and MOB31R to gain the required knowledge to attend either MOB310 or MOB320.

Please keep in mind that if you are pursuing complete training on SAP Agentry and backend integration to SAP, you will still need to complete this eLearning PRIOR to attending any scheduled MOB310 class. A complete training program to train you on Syclo and SAP integration would include the BMOB3e bundle (or equivalent ILT and individual RCTs) and the MOB310 class. For credential building, we cannot urge your more strongly to appear at the Associate level certification exam C_SAPWMGR_01 after you have completed your training and gained the knowledge required to prepare for the exam. As a mobile application developer who will integrate with SAP data sources, you should come to the MOB310 class with a very good knowledge of ABAP and SAP BAPIs. Use the links below for more information about this bundle and to review ABAP course recommendations.

Helpful links:

Thank you and great success to all of you!