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With an increasing number of Milennials entering the workplace, the requirements of the future workforce are changing. Preparing for the future workforce is critical to business strategy, growth, and performance. In order to understand the challenges and opportunities that may arise from having a diverse workforce, SAP has commissioned Oxford Economics to conduct a massive global study, surveying 2,700 executives and more than 2,700 employees in 27 countries during the second quarter of 2014.

As such, several social experiments have been conducted across the globe to understand this phenomenon. Kwena Mabotja, representing University Alliances in Africa, participated in a social experiment on the 2nd October, in SAP Africa’s regional headquarters, to explore the differences between mature workers and Milennials to understand the differences in wants and expectations across the racial groups at work.

The findings challenge much of the prevailing HR thinking, and can be used to inspire conversations among our customers, prospects, partners and influencers. By understanding the requirements of Milennials, SAP is positioning itself well to be the employer of choice amongst talented Milennials.

Watch the video to learn more about the research, presented by Mike Ettling, Head of Global Cloud for HR, SAP