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University Alliances team has been invited by HR team to join SAP Academy Bootcamp in Paris on the 14th of November.

This session was organized by SAP France to select 6 candidates for Sales academy and 1 for Presales Academy among 14  final candidates. Only 13 could participate.

The 13 participants had been preselected with interviews and assessment. Final selection was based on a business case to evaluate their capacity to behave in a real professional situation.

The business case involved a Japan Company, Raicom PLc, in the telecom industry. Candidates were asked to understand current situation, analyze the competition and propose an answer to the customer needs.

All the participants were evaluated on their capacity to work in a group, to justify their position, to track information, to deploy a strategy and to adapt to unexpected events. 

Following to this session, 5 candidates will receive a proposal to attend the Sales Academy.

Congratulations to the winners and welcome to SAP !