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It was great to host around 60 students who took part at the knowledge session organised by SAP University Alliances and the SAP Lumira team.

The students got to know about the new SAP and all the technologies that it supports in the fields such as database, analytis, applications, mobility and cloud computing. It is always a great experience to surprise the students about the different ways SAP touches their lives and the expressions are just azaming. I hope the students learnt a lot more about SAP than they had known so far. We also talked about the SAP University Alliances - Learn, Apply and Share methodology covering topics such as openSAP, UAC, SAP Student Ambassador Program etc.

Many students came up with questions on how they can do projects with SAP on NFC technology.


Sada from the SAP Lumira team gave a fantastic demo of SAP Lumira to the students and also talked about the evolution of BI over the years. The students downloaded the software using pendrives and installed the software so that they could follow Sada while he took them through the demo.

There was a nice quiz and students were able to win T-Shirts of SAP Lumira University Challenge. Finally the students were informed about the SAP Lumira challenge and were excouraged to take part in it.