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Better Equipped

The stress I had initially experienced the first week of my internship was virtually erased once I completed my SAP overview course through SAP Learning Hub, student edition. No longer was I aimlessly clicking through website links or bouncing back and forth between IT and HR just to figure out how to log my hours. Whether I was speaking to my manager or casually conversing with colleagues at lunch, I felt much more at ease discussing SAP topics.  

Because the majority of the team I work with is spread out all over the country and world, I really felt it was necessary to grasp the basics as quickly as possible. I wanted to decrease the transition time I had experienced at previous internships of orienting myself and jump right into the workload. Therefore, by understanding the SAP fundamentals within my first two weeks, I was already one step ahead of the learning curve and that much closer to establishing myself as an asset.

The End to a New Beginning

I loved the educational opportunity I was able to take on while starting my new internship, but the best part was the flexibility I had to achieve it. The noticeable benefits combined with the convenient accessibility have prompted me to look into more courses offered through SAP Learning Hub. From introductory level business processes to end user software courses, my choices are anything but numbered. The overview course was just one of the many I could choose to take on whenever I wanted to get a step ahead.

As an undergrad student aiming to land a job out of college, it only makes sense to seize opportunities that make me more competitive as an entry-level candidate. Developing IT knowledge and SAP skills with quality, on demand training is an option I don’t have to think twice about taking advantage of.

SAP is an innovation-driven company that is constantly moving forward in today’s world. With that type of approach, educational opportunities are limitless and the window for learning never closes. Rather than completing the same mundane task every day, I am learning a range of new content every time I open my laptop. Just because I am graduating college next year does not mean my educational career is over. Being in a classroom is relative, but new learning opportunities are boundless.

For more info on SAP Learning Hub, student edition, check out these FAQs.