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It was indeed a great experience to visit our new SAP University Alliances member school VelTech University. With Prof Srinivasa's help we were able to reach out to almost 500 students from three different divisions within Veltech University. Students pursuing MBS as well as Engineering were part of the session where we spoke about the New SAP, SAP UA's methodology of Learn, Apply and Share and most importantly we invited the students to be part of SAP Techniversity 2013. It was interesting to asnwer the keep questions that the students asked whenever we stopped to catch a breadth between covering different technologies supported by SAP such as SAP HANA, SAP Mobile Platform, Applications, Analytics..

It was great to see a massive fleet of busses which ferried to bring the students to the college early in the morning and to take them back to their homes by 3:30 pm. Of course many students lived in the hostel as well.

We look forward to visiting VelTech University once again and speak to a fresh batch of students!!