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SAP University Alliances has been on a mission to reach out to a large number of students with the knowledge of SAP HANA and the New SAP and all the brilliant innovation that SAP brings to the market in the fields such as cloud, database, analytics.. so on and so forth. Why? Because we want the students (everyone) to know that we are not just a 40+ year old company but we should be looked at as a “40+ year old startup” (in the words of our MD SAP Labs, Anirban Dey).

Reaching out to the students early during their graduation helps not only them but SAP too. They are able to make informed career decisions and in parallel it helps SAP get access to good talent early on. Today I would like to tell you about the close and a very special engagement that we plan to have with the students of PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore on 24th July 2013. SAP University Alliances with the great support of senior colleagues from SAP Labs such as Sheenam Ohrie – Vice President Suite Test Engineering, SAP Labs and Srikanth Gopalakrishnan, Vice President, Application Innovation, SAP Labs and with the guidance of the MD’s office, is organizing a special event to Kick off various initiatives that SAP has for students such as


  1. SAP Student Ambassador Program - Srikanth
  2. STC – Test Engineering Guest Lectures for students – Sheenam
  3. Student Competition for 2013 – SAP
    University Alliances App Rumble India 2013
  4. Exciting topics such as SAP HANA Academy – In Memory Computing, The Big Face of Human Data, Design Thinking
  5. SAP Techniversity - The largest IT event for students in India on 28th September 2013 in Bangalore


Please let me tell you briefly about some of the above initiatives.

Suite Test Engineering – Guest Lectures

Now this is just my opinion: - Students in India often dive into a career related to “Testing” without much prior knowledge of the subject or may I say not up to date industry perspective, though through the curricula of their institutes they do learn about the various concepts in testing. I don’t deny that. But preparing students for a career in Testing should not only lie with the educational institutes alone. Corporates such as a SAP which has a huge sub-organization within itself called “Suite Test Engineering” must come forward and bridge the gap for the students and help them get a real-time/ current perspective from the industry. This is what the Suite Testing Organization at SAP Labs, Bangalore is doing. They started off with a successful start with International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT Bangalore) in 2011 where STC co-hosted the course software testing at the institute thereby influencing the curriculum. The participating students were also offered live projects within the organization. 

The idea for this year is to scale up and reach out to more top schools and this is what we are doing at PSG College of Technology where we will be rolling out this idea to the students at the Kick Off. 

Please see the link below to know more about the collaboration with IIIT Bangalore.


SAP Student Ambassador


Srikanth will be rolling out the SAP Student Ambassador Program at PSG College of Technology. We know that there are many students who are now deeply interested in the technologies supported by SAP and these are the right set of students to help develop our ecosystem and spread more awareness on SAP and its innovations.

What are the SAP Student Ambassadors?

  • Act as SAP ambassadors towards their peers at the universities.
  • They are talented students interested in technology supported by SAP.
  • They will introduce other students to SAP technologies with some emphasis on SAP HANA (currently). They will do so in workshops, presentations and courses.
  • Strives to generate an audience at his/her university and gets speakers from SAP to address the students.
  • Application is open to students of all subjects if they have a passion for technology.
  • A demanding selection process will assure the quality of external SAP Student Ambassadors.


Selection Process/Application

  • SAP will advertise the concept and invite students to apply.
  • Interested students in each country will contact the responsible SAP University Alliances country managers.
  • In order to be eligible for being selected as a student mentor, an applicant will have to complete these assignments successfully:
    1. Create a ~3 minute video on SAP Innovation Topics or how companies change the world with SAP products and publish it on YouTube. Current focus is on videos on SAP HANA. Videos on this topic will yield better chances to be selected.
    2. Pass a multiple-choice test on SAP HANA


I will post more post the event!!