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I subscribe to more than a few SAP Community Networks. One of my favorites is “SAP ERP Financials - Financial Supply Chain Management”. Like all “networks” there are regular posters, and a variety of questions being asked. As an instructor, when I scan these topics I’m alert to the poster’s training needs.

SAP Receivables Management (FSCM) is a relatively new product, as compared to FI/CO. As I read through these postings I am reminded there is a great need for information in the marketplace. Each week I see questions being asked around the topics we cover in the SAP Education FSCM curriculum. Here are some recent examples:

  • Why do I need the Business Partner master record?
  • Why is my customer missing from the collection work list?
  • What is a credit segment? (The credit segment represents organizational structure i.e. credit control area (company code and sales area) for all order related credit decisions)
  • Can I leverage FI-AR reason codes in Dispute Management? (Yes, of course! Default case attributes can be determined by the reason code)
  • How do I change the header of a dispute case?

Currently, we have two courses taught on ECC 6.0 EHP 5:

FSC020 is a three day business process overview. By “business process”, we mean what users see and do on the SAP application menu. Students get hands on experience of an end to end process- beginning in Credit Management by maintaining the Business Partner; using a Biller Direct portal as the customer and back end payment processing as the business; processing Disputes using the role of Processor and Coordinator; ending in Collections by maintaining the Collection Strategy and working in Process Receivables to record a variety of customer contacts. We fully demonstrate the EHP5 improvements for each, with a special focus on Process Receivables.

FSC200 is a two day customizing course. In this course, we focus on configuration of Dispute Management and Collections Management. Students create their own Record Modeler, Case Type and associated profiles for Dispute Management. In the Collections unit, students create their own collection rules, strategy, and organizational structure. Along the way we test our configuration and trouble shoot as needed. Students enjoy this “no pressure” opportunity to apply the things they’ve learned during the week.

These two courses are offered in the same week- both as classroom and virtual delivery. FSC020 is a pre-requisite for the two day customizing course.