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The role of EIM solutions for SAP is to orchestrate, cleanse and manage data, information and content. This includes information residing in and moving between on-premise, on-device, and on-demand sources.  Enterprise Information Management is the logical layer between information sources and applications. Training in this area resides primarily in two large sub-categories: Enterprise Master Data Management (MDM) and Embedded Master Data Management (MDG). SAP NetWeaver MDM, enables you to manage master data across multiple domains and multiple systems. It is primarily used for master data consolidation and master data harmonization. SAP MDG provides centralized governance for selected master data domains based on SAP’s standard data models and is extensible to custom-defined models. Underlying both categories are the tools from Data Services, Information Steward

Enterprise Master Data Management (MDM)

The primary course for MDM is MDM100. This 5 day course guides you into building a master data domain that will contain data loaded from multiple heterogeneous systems (SAP and non-SAP). The client applications of the Console, Data Manager, Import Manager and the Syndicator are covered to give you the skills to implement a solution which meets business requirements.  The emphasis is on the consolidation of data, the construction of key mapping and the syndication of harmonized data back to the source systems.

As a supplement, MDM400 is a 3 day course which utilizes discussion and extensive exercise to help build the skills to design a data domain model which will meet the business requirements of master data consolidation and harmonization across multiple systems.

Embedded Master Data Governance (MDG)

TZMDG1, is a 4 day course, which builds the necessary skills to use MDG’s native integration with SAP Business Suite through existing business logic and customer-specific configuration. SAP Business Workflow is also utilized for the governance process. The participant is introduced to building a custom workflow for central master data creation and maintenance. Processes surrounding the selected master data domains of SAP Customer, Supplier, Material and Financial Master Data are discussed.

SAP Data Services

Data Services is the primary tool to extract, transform, and load data from one or more source systems into one or more target systems, SAP and non-DAP.

BODS10 is a 3 day class which discusses how Data Services is utilized as an ETL tool. Extensive exercises build skills in implementing batch jobs using many of the provided transforms and functions.

BODS30 is a 2 day class, building upon BODS10, to discuss Data Services’ Quality Management features. This course introduces the various available Data Quality transforms, like address cleansing, data cleansing, and matching.

TZIM4M is a 2 day class, also building upon the fundamentals of BODS10. TZIM4M address how Data Services can be used to migrate data from non-SAP systems into SAP ERP using Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS). RDS is a set of pre-built batch jobs, data flows and objects that can move, validate and load non-SAP data into SAP.

Information Steward

TZIM4I is a 2 day class, designed to introduce the participant to the single environment used to discover, asses, define, and monitor the quality of enterprise data. This course covers the integrated applications of Data Insight, Metadata Management, Metapedia, and the Cleansing Package Builder.

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