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I was late for today's webcast on Learning Hub with SAP's arnoldpettersen-jung

Source: SAP

The above shows Live Access training for 50 ERP/HANA courses, and covers the pricing.

Question & Answer:

Q: What are the components for Discovery edition?

A: Discovery – smaller subset, some are free of charge

Some Discovery editions are partial

Some handbooks are partial

Some learning maps – delta training

Learning rooms and Live Access are only available to full subscribers – not discovery

Q: Can you describe how to subscribe?

A: It is a personal learning based subscription at

Can purchase full access at 2500 Euros

An organization you can buy in bulk

Q: What is the level of content in CRM in Learning Hub?

A: All training content is there – 117 different courses on CRM including handbooks and courses

Q: Complete list of content on learning hub?  SCN?

A: SCN has a training and education space and a blog that has the lists of items on Discovery Edition

They also have detailed list of content – 2K+ items

Working on making that available in Web Shop

If you missed today's webcast, ASUG has a webcast April 9th on the Learning Hub - Register Today