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By Zafar Anjum

September 09, 2013 03:30 pm

Source: CFO World


We aspire to building a "second home" in China, contributing to China's sustainable growth and the realisation of the "China Dream", says Stephen Watts, President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan. He also enumerates dealing with big data analytics, IT talent shortage and the rise of mobile as the top three IT challenges enterprises are facing in this region today.   

In your opinion, what are the top three IT challenges enterprises are facing in the Asia Pacific region today and how is SAP helping customers tackle those challenges?   

Dealing with big data analytics, IT talent shortage and the rise of mobile are the top three IT challenges enterprises are facing in this region.   

Driving value from big data   

With the massive amounts of data available to enterprises these days-in 2011, the amount of data surpassed 1.8 zettabytes, or the equivalent of 57.5 billion 32 GB iPads-enterprises are facing both a challenge and an opportunity. Approached poorly, the big data phenomenon can create costs and burdens on enterprises, whereas approach from the right perspective-with the right strategy drawing upon a detailed plan, tools and technology-big data can reveal valuable information about end-users and deliver a competitive advantage.   

SAP has developed solutions that provide users with self-service access to the data and insights they need to be more competitive, no matter where the information resides. It helps them to make faster and better decisions, and increases their overall productivity. SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions help employees to capture, analyse, and use big data to solve business challenges by using a combination of predictive and analytics solutions. It enables employees to uncover hidden signals and trends and to better understand customer needs.  

And with SAP HANA, the company's in-memory analytics solutions, users are able to analyse big data at the speed of thought and to instantly adjust their strategy in real-time. It enables enterprises to respond in real-time to changes in market dynamics, gaining real-time insights for higher engagement with employees, customers and partners.   

IT talent shortage   

Businesses are struggling to find qualified workers with the required IT skills, such as expertise in big data and cloud computing technologies. This talent shortage is set to exacerbate if the growth in talent doesn't match the growth rate of the industry.   

SAP has also put in place a Global Graduate Program that helps build talent in Asia by providing a curriculum for universities and making the transition from campus to corporate life easier. In 2013, 300 people are expected to graduate from the programme in China, India, and Japan. SAP currently partners with more 70 universities in China.   

SAP also recently launched the SAP Academy for Sales programme, a new sales development programme which will be globally delivered in a state-of-the art facility. It will employ a full-time faculty that will infuse new techniques, technologies and learning practices designed to create the salesforce of tomorrow. The recruiting teams will target recent college graduates from identified colleges and universities around the globe with the plan to train these new employees through a rigorous development programme focused specifically on selling. The company's initial class will begin in early February 2014. This new initiative will create a great sales development brand for SAP in the marketplace and elevate SAP's standing as a workplace of choice for new and graduating talent.


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