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The digital transformation is disrupting business models, business processes, and more – mostly for the better. But a recent study by Technical University of Munich and SAP SE, “Skills for Digital Transformation,” found that a mere 17 percent of businesses claim that their company has the personnel with the requisite skills to assist in digital transformation. Now, more than ever, a modern training system is a necessity for companies that want to stay in the game.

“We are in the midst of a technological revolution in the business world comparable to the Industrial Revolution. The most successful companies are not simply doing the same things more efficiently with technology; rather, they are using technology to conduct business in entirely new ways. Faster learning brings competitive advantages. With SAP Learning Hub, we are providing disruptive knowledge on technologies before they may be even available,” said Stefan Haenisch, senior vice president and head of knowledge transfer and education for SAP. “Our goal is to provide learners with the flexibility and freedom to explore our vast knowledge base, as well as instructional guidance and coaching.”

Accelerating the experience with SAP Learning Hub

SAP Learning Hub has long been a trusted platform for companies to train employees on SAP solutions. –But, thanks to the new acceleration program, SAP Learning Hub is now a comprehensive portfolio of tools. The streamlining of the portfolio includes tailoring its offerings to three editions:

professional, user, and student.The different editions provide access to a wide range of solutions that address the needs of each user group.

SAP Learning Hub has consolidated many successful training offerings from SAP into a single portfolio. The SAP PartnerEdge program and SAP Enterprise Support Academy offerings are available through SAP Learning Hub, as well as the openSAP platform, which includes massive open online courses (MOOCs).

The biggest development for users of SAP Learning Hub is the access, anytime they want it, to a massive content database. Thousands of e-learning courses, handbooks, e-books, videos, presentations, software solution simulations, and demonstrations are available at the click of a button. Over 330,000 subscribers have used the training solution, a five-fold increase since it launched on a cloud-based platform built on technology from SAP SuccessFactors.

Interactivity and gamification

With SAP Learning Hub, access is no longer an impediment to training. But just as you wouldn’t hand a high school student an encyclopedia and expect them to learn, access is only the first step to an effective training program.

One of the centerpieces for the revamped SAP Learning Hub is the interactivity between instructors and learners, which is constantly expanding. Through an SAP Learning Room, participants, and SAP experts can pose questions, find answers, take quizzes, and share perspectives. The SAP Jam social software platform helps power the interactivity of SAP Learning Room.

New in 2016 are more than 80 permanent SAP Learning Rooms, with sessions scheduled to accommodate learners around the world. So as companies grow more global, training with SAP Learning Hub remains convenient and effective.

SAP Learning Hub also aims to answer the age-old question - how do you create training that is not only effective, but also gets employees excited to learn? One answer is gamification. With the gamification capabilities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Learning Hub rewards learners with points, badges, and upward movement while undertaking missions to find and identify valuable content. The reward management and gamification motivates and engages learners, holding their attention. The tactic also improves social learning, encouraging users to be active members of their communities. When learners are actively participating and engaging, the overall learning experience is more meaningful.

Individualized training on a global scale

With the acceleration and consolidation of SAP Learning Hub, plus thousands of pieces of training assets, there is a tool or solution for every type of learner. Whether it’s a standard manual, an interactive online learning room, or a training video, learners can access the right option for them anytime they need it - all accessible on one standard platform.

With SAP Learning Hub, every employee is empowered to prepare themselves for the digital transformation.

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