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CeBIT in Hannover was a great opportunity to discuss “Skills for the Digital Transformation” in the context of the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation. The idea behind this initiative is to engage and prepare executives and professionals to lead their organizations on their journey to become digital enterprises.


During an Innojam with students at CeBIT I had the pleasure to meet Otto Schell, Member of Board of Directors – Business Processes & Industry Solutions of DSAG e.V. – the German speaking SAP User Group.


Have a look at the three minute video interview and learn about Otto Schell’s thoughts around digital transformation:


  • Moving away from a purely IT driven point of view towards a business-driven approach

  • The human aspect of transformation: Transformation requires a mix of generations - and it is expected that the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation combines the views and energy of generation y and the experience from other generations

  • IT and business functions will merge as part of the digital transformation: It’s not about one product, it’s about business modelling, business platform, business engagement


It is now time not only to talk about Digital Transformation, but start acting: join our community here the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation