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We had the delight to host 60 students and 5 professors from Periyar Maniammai University on 2 and 3 March 2016. We arranged for 2 days of engaging hands on session on topics such as SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Lumira along with topics such as Digital Transformation, Digital Business Framework and SAP Next-Gen Consulting. The institute has strong relations with SAP Education.

On the first day the Hands on session on SAP Lumira included basics of databases, Analytics, Business Intelligence to prepare the students for the fun they would have with visualization using SAP Lumira. These students were given various datasets and were asked to put on their analytical as well as creative hats to come up with visualizations. The sessions were delivered by our colleagues Muthu Govindrasu, Pranitha KS and Rohan Sinha. Dear colleagues thank you so much as always coming forward with your unflinching support to impact students positively.

The first day also had a great presentation by Tejaswini Chalam from the Early Talent/ Talent Acquisition team. The theme of her presentation was life@SAP and the skills that are required to be successful in SAP and its ecosystem. She talked about how students should not look at a job at SAP as an employment only but should look at it as a "career". Thank you so much Tejaswini!

The 2nd day started off with the hands on session on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. These students got an in-depth overview of the platform, tables, schemas and the coding languages such as JAVA, JAVA Script, SAP UI5, HTML etc. We are sure the students understood the capabilities of this platform to tackle the challenges such as Big Data, Internet of Things, hyper connectivity that modern digital enterprises face. Thank you so much Krishna Kumar S, Karthikeyan Ramamurthi and Indu Sankar for a wonderful session on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

This session on HANA Cloud Platform beautifully fell in line with the initial presentation that we had made to them covering topics such as Digital Transformation, Digital Enterprise, Digital Business Framework.  We would like to thank the colleagues from SAP Education - Archit Kalkunte for helping us share these topics with the students and looking forward to more such visits.