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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Our partner Hand Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd. (HAND) has officially passed the SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners in 2022 and became a SAP-certified outsourcing service provider for Application Management in Great China. SAP values the partnership with HAND and invited them for an interview where they shared their experience with SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification (OPC).

We might want to start by introducing your company, Hand Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd., and talk about the services you offer.

Hand Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd. (HAND) is a company with 24 years of experience in enterprise information technology services. As one of the earliest local Chinese service companies to implement SAP enterprise management software, its predecessor began implementing SAP projects for a US multinational industrial company as early as 1999. This was also the first project successfully completed through collaboration between HAND and the consulting department of Shanghai SAP.

In over 20 years of business development and continuous practice, HAND has successfully implemented and deployed the SAP product series for thousands of domestic and foreign companies. Its clients cover many industries, such as largescale equipment manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, food retail, clothing, footwear and hats, high-tech, home appliances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, real estate, public utilities, and automobiles and their accessories.

Facing increasingly complex market demands, HAND has summarized a collaborative delivery capability suitable for deploying multiple product lines simultaneously. It focuses on accumulating industry solutions to meet the diverse digital needs of enterprises, providing professional and comprehensive information technology services for numerous companies, and possesses a core
competitive advantage that cannot be ignored.


“The SAP OPC certification has helped us improve our maintenance concept, further improve our maintenance system, and enhance our brand image, while expanding our influence in the SAP maintenance field.”
Wang Tao, Vice President of Hand Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd


Why did you initially apply for the certification program to become an SAP outsourcing operations partner?

Under the guidance of policies and the drive of industrial development, the demand for digital transformation of enterprises is becoming increasingly urgent. More and more customers are increasingly concerned with the SAP qualification certification for the partner when choosing an SAP partner. SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification (OPC) will help us meet these customer requirements.
SAP certification enhances our brand image and increases customer confidence in our implementation and operation services for SAP certified products, as well as recognition of our implementation methods, maintenance concepts, and industry best practice solutions. SAP certification helps ensure our global capabilities and service quality in operating SAP products.

Has the certification – or more explicitly the audit and the audit feedback – had any effect on your service offering? For example, has it helped you to validate and improve processes and practices or enhance your service offerings in general?

The SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification program has very clear processes and standards for SAP service delivery. Certification effectively helps us confirm that the processes we follow have met or exceeded SAP’s expectations for certified partners. During the entire audit and feedback process, we internally reorganized our current maintenance processes. The audit results showed that our current SAPrelated operational processes are basically in line with SAP’s requirements for partners. At the same time, we also learned from the audit process and results about more advanced and superior methodologies related to SAP maintenance items, thereby further optimizing and improving our own maintenance system.In the SAP maintenance field, certification helps us conduct basic tests on our service capabilities and service processes, as well as expand our focus on other aspects of business service capabilities, such as SAP PCE or SAP HANA Cloud.

After each audit the partner gets the corresponding certificates and the certification logos. Can you tell us, whether – and if yes – how you make use of the logos and certificates? For example, are you promoting your SAP certified status via your company website?

In the process of cooperating with clients, we introduce to them the SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification program that we have passed, as well as our qualifications as an SAP ERP Expert-level partner, Partner COE authorization, “SAP Business Suite Solutions Operations Certification” and “SAP S/4HANA Solutions Operations Certification”. These certifications help to enhance our credibility with clients. In addition, our company’s official website and public account also promote our SAP certificates, demonstrating that Hand has the qualifications and capabilities to provide related business services.

The market for outsourcing services is growing. So, more and more players want to participate in this business. This makes it crucial for service providers to increase their visibility. How have the OPC certifications helped you with your goto market activities?

Many customers are looking for partners with SAP certification in Cloud and Infrastructure Operations, Hosting Operations, SAP HANA Operations, SAP for Business Suite Solution Operations, SAP S/4HANA Solution Operations, and SAP SuccessFactors Solution Operations. In the process of selecting partners, certification is an important qualification standard for choosing implementation and support partners.
HAND has always maintained close contact and cooperation with SAP. In early August last year, HAND re-joined the SAP Eco-Partner Program and obtained the SAP ERP Expert-level Partner Qualification and Partner COE Authorization in September. In addition, HAND has also obtained certification to resell ten SAP cloud products and two authoritative certifications under the SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification: “SAP Business Suite Solution Operations Certification” and “SAP S/4HANA Solution Operations Certification”.
In December of 2022, HAND, as a leading implementation service company in China in terms of the scale of certified consultants, successful project case numbers, and accumulated successful cases, upgraded again to become an SAP Gold Partner in just four months through the accumulation of certified consultants, certified project managers, and successful landing cases.

Thank you for your view and assessments of our offering ‘SAP Certifications for Outsourcing Partners’. We are glad to have you as partner.

An overview of all certified partners can be found in the SAP Outsourcing Operations Partner Guide ( 

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