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Many organizations embark on Digital Transformation Journey, to become an Intelligent Enterprise. Some Succeed and some do fail. One of the main reasons for failure is the isolated focus on Technology and without focusing on People who will use the technology.

In today’s world of Business @ Speed of Thought, change is rapid in both:

  1. Strategic Dimensions (like business models) and

  2. Tactical Dimensions (like customer engagement channels).

This demands rapid cycles of re-calibration of Technology and the People who use them. However, there exists a myth regarding Organization Change Management (OCM), aimed at re-calibration of People. The myth is the mistaken belief that training end users before the launch of a new application will suffice to prepare business end users for change. In reality, OCM is not just Training. It is a sum of three the following three People dimensions.

  1. Attitude: Communicating the changes, the rational reasoning to obtain buy in, and creating a positive mindset. This has to be done through every project life cycle of digital transformation

  2. Knowledge: Training people to embrace change in business functioning, enabling blended learning approach, catering to varied learning preferences of multi-generational workforce

  3. Skill: ‘Forgetting Curve’ hypothesizes that only 2-3% of new learning is retained after 30 days. Therefore, on the job coaching (using techniques like in application help) is essential to move business users to the new intended steady state of behavior. This will ensure Right and Rapid adoption.

Jack Welch’s quote “An Organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage” cannot be more relevant than for the present times.

Let us embrace CHANGE using a structured Organization Change Management approach, ensuring TRUE success of digital transformation.

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