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I am just overwhelmed on recent news that openSAP apps has been released for Android and iPad platforms.

We should agree that we all love to use apps over web based tools. It does really gives a new experience and a convenient access to the contents.

What makes the app so special?

Last year I have enrolled my self to OpenSAP, but I am hardly logged on for learning (may be I am bit lazy :razz: )

For me, I always feel like accessing the web based tools, wikis is only convenient when I have my laptop.

But the OpenSAP app amazed me and induced me to learn more, as it is easy to access on the move.

I could now browse and learn the content while I commute. Nowadays I spend my commuting time productively for some extent. :wink:

Most of the office has stringent IT policy which blocks all video streaming and hence I cant use the openSAP on my office laptop.

With this iPad app, now I can use my mobile data to stream those videos and watch them on my lunch time. :smile:

The "available offline" option allows me to download the content when I am connected to WiFi.

Unless I switch on the "Use cellular data" on settings, it wont download content via mobile network.


Download the app and enjoy! Happy learning!