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I’m happy to share with you the latest great results and inform you on the opening of the Academy Cube platform for all countries in the European Union with respect to job offerings. And to enable our Academy Cube partners to tap into the broadest talent pool we are opening up Academy Cube even beyond the European Union countries, to attract talents around the world to apply for positions with EU partners.

In the last three months there has been a tremendous increase in activity on Academy Cube with registrations surging from about 400 talents to now more than 8,000 talents on the platform. At the same time the number of job vacancies offered through Academy Cube almost sextupled to 880 including
there are more than 80 courses on the platform.

After successful pilots in Spain and Portugal from August until December 2013, the platform has now been opened for talents in the European Union and beyond. This will enable Academy Cube partners to tap into the broadest talent pool. The number of talents on the platform has increased from 400 to now
more than 8,000 talents.

With the great support of the SAP University Alliances Country Managers the Academy Cube is rolling out through whole Europe. Please have a look at the latest press releases:

The Academy Cube focuses on being a European platform for advanced training, job application, and recruiting as the posted job vacancies are for
positions in European Union countries. Currently there are more than 880 vacancies posted in the job market. The job offers are in the ICT, Engineering, and related business areas (e.g. consulting) reflecting the high skilled worker shortage in Europe for fourth industrial revolution skills.

The trainings based on the demand by employers are on most recent trends like Big Data, Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems, etc. Therefore the qualification of the talents with these training is highly relevant for employers and increases the talents’ opportunities in the job market. Currently talents can choose and enroll in more than 80 courses.

What’s next? Following the vision to make the Academy Cube a pan-European talent matching and training platform, discussions and preparations started to hand over the operations to national front office partners and to an experienced operator for back office functions.

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