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Following to our CEO, Bill Mc Dermott, visit in France in April, it was decided to go further on new technologies with young thinkers in France. In this perspective, University Alliances initiated the first operation Numeric Week for secondary schools.

The main objective were

- to inspire young students for their future studies and career.

- attract them to careers around digital industry and technology

- to show them what Big data, information system means and the very last innovations around this topic.

Here is the detailed menu of the presentation :

- Introduction about Information system, definitions to help them understand the whole presentation

- Presentation of SAP Group activities, our activities, and what a project around Information System is, description of different type of functions around information systems

- Presentation of the film "Human Face of Big Data"

- Presentation of several innovations around big data : football, smart vending machine, predictive maintenance, ....

The students were very impressed with these innovations, opened large eyes in front of the number of potential applications of these technologies and asked several question around the topic. It seems that they appreciated the initiative and were happy of the interaction with a professional.

Let us hope that this type of session will encourage them to work in the IT domain and other schools to follow this initiative.

For this first edition, 2 schools answered our invitation and organized special sessions for their students : Lycée from Levallois and Pensionnat Jean Baptiste de la Salle in Rouen.  Around 100 students preparing Baccalaureat could participate to these conferences  and be initiated to these new technologies.

Thanks a lot to the schools for their welcome !