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Source: SAP

Date: January 29

Time: 11:30 am Eastern

Who: You

On behalf of the SAP Mentors program:
We are happy to introduce you to the SAP Knowledge Organization who will give you a high-level overview on what they are currently doing in the Learning Space. This initial call will kick-off a quarterly series of update calls which will be included in the regular SAP Mentors community calls. You will get more information on their products and offerings, e.g. on Learning Hub, Live Access, ….

The SAP Knowledge team would also highly appreciate your feedback whether you are interested in special topics they should cover in this series. Please let us know if you have any topics whenever you would like to suggest a topic or simply share your thoughts with them.

Register here

For a list of last year's SAP Community calls, please see here.


Did you know January 29th is Kansas Day?  See you there?