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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Learning Journeys have been an integral part of learners who want to build their skills in SAP software. These learning guides offer a recommended path learners can follow to achieve their learning goals.

As of August, SAP Learning Journeys are now available with new design and new features, providing an enhanced learner experience.

For SAP Learning Hub subscribers, SAP Learning Journeys are fully integrated in the site and are accessible under the “Learn” tab in the top navigation bar, as well as in the search function. The new features and functions include:

  1. One overview page to access all available SAP Learning Journeys across your subscriptions

  1. A function to pin either entire SAP Learning Journeys or single scenarios which can be then accessed with your personalized view in “My SAP Learning Journeys”


  1. A “My SAP Learning Journeys” section to list all your pinned SAP Learning Journeys and the ones which you are currently working

  2. A function to see and manually set progress on individual SAP Learning Journey tiles.


Anyone interested in SAP Learning Journeys can also explore them from the SAP Help Portal and access related learning content with their SAP Learning Hub subscription.

To find out more about the SAP Learning Journey enhancements watch this video. Log in to your SAP Learning Hub subscription and start your new learning experience with these enhanced SAP Learning Journeys.