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Product and Topic Expert

Update: September 30, 2016

Due to the launch of the new SCN on October 10, our openSAP badges on SCN will no longer run.

Please make sure you stay tuned to the new SCN gamification missions that will be announced as we do plan to reopen in the future!

What does this mean for you?

If you have included your SAP ID under your openSAP profile and you have earned a Record of Achievement in a recent openSAP course, you will receive an openSAP badge on SCN. You can find a list of the eligible courses below. Please be patient as it will take some time to get the badge awarded to your profile.

Please note: If you already earned an openSAP badge, you will not receive an additional badge or points.


To make it easier for the SCN team to assign your badge to your profile, please include your SAP ID under your openSAP profile before the course closes

We're excited to announce the first openSAP mission on SCN!

Our new learning year gets underway this September and we're delighted to announce that everyone who enrolls to any new openSAP course and successfully completes their chosen course will earn our new SCN badge; I Successfully Completed an openSAP Course!

There are two parts to this mission:

  • Enroll in an upcoming openSAP course: Registration and enrollment is completely free of charge - all you need to sign up is a valid e-mail address. To ensure you earn the badge on SCN, we recommend you also include your SAP ID under your openSAP profile. This will make the allocation of your badge easier.
  • Successfully complete the course: Complete the weekly assignments and final exam. If you earn a minimum of 50% in your overall score, you will earn the SCN badge and a Record of Achievement

After the course has closed and results are in, your new SCN badge will be assigned to your SCN profile! (Please allow approx 2 weeks for this to complete)

This badge will be available for all openSAP courses starting after September 1, 2015. Please note that even if you successfully complete more than one openSAP course after September 1, 2015, you will only earn one openSAP SCN badge.

Participants who earn a Record of Achievement in our currently running courses will receive an openSAP SCN badge once they include their SAP ID under their openSAP profile before the course closes.