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The theme of the SAP Academic Conference Americas 2013 was "Influence Next-Gen Leaders." The event showcased SAP’s innovation platform – which includes SAP HANA offerings, enterprise mobility, and analytics. Through keynotes, breakouts, and hands-on workshops, professors learned how they can leverage new SAP University Alliances initiatives and curriculum to build on the great things already happening in the classroom today and engage students in new ways to prepare for a changing job market. Opportunities include classroom innovation with curriculum for SAP Analytics, Mobile, and SAP HANA, as well as professor and student participation in competitions such as InnoJams and Design Thinking Jams, events such as SAP Startup Forums, and engagement with the University Alliances Community.Professors are invited to participate in the SAP Academic Innovation Council. And to encourage their students to join and engage with the University Mobility Innovation Center, the Business Transformation Academy, and the Learn, Apply, and Share Learning Map for SAP HANA. We encourage you to continue your learning through accessing presentations and other conference resources at the links below.

The University Alliances team thanks Dave Haseman and his UCC team at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for all their contributions to making our workshops on their campus such as success. Their planning and innovative ideas ensured we had great workshop space, network access, catering and other logistics. Many professors commented they gained valuable insights from the workshops and appreciated UWM’s hosting.

We also wish to congratulate Gail Corbitt, who was this year’s recipient of the Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award.

Student Design Thinking Jam

46 students from seven universities participated in a day-long Student Design Thinking Jam. Students were introduced to the methodology then worked  in teams to solve the design challenge "gamify education". Read the blog by Heather Czech Matthews to learn more. 

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Please join us in thanking our hosts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dave Haseman and Ross Hightower, for developing this year’s conference mobile application, using SAP Mobile Platform.




  • Heather Czech Matthews, SAP
  • Michael Schulze, SAP
  • Dave Haseman , University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Student Mobile App Demonstrations, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, moderated by Ross Hightower

  • Jamal Awadallah
  • Euisung Junge
  • Austin Kwak
  • Nutan Norway
  • Kira Wetzel

Reinventing Real-Time Business Processes:

A new Arena for Research and Innovation

Student and Professor Opportunities

Chargin Forward : Information Technology at GM

  • Elizabeth Biddle, General Motors

Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award


Breakout Sessions I:  SAP Products

Session TopicDescriptionSession Leader


Content Presented

Gain insight on SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, which empowers customers to transact, analyze, and predict instantly and proactively in an unpredictable world. This gives companies the unprecedented ability to translate real-time insights to action immediately while removing the complexity of redundant data and systems. Hear customer examples to share with students, preparing them to better compete in a changing job market.

Angelo Correa,



Content Presented

Learn how analytic solutions from SAP, the SAP Mobile Platform, and the SAP HANA platform enable insight from “big data,” delivering real-time knowledge to the right people, at the right time, on any device. Hear how customers make decisions with confidence through predictive analytics. Share these insights with students and show them how they can experience SAP HANA.

Bob Ferris,



Content Presented

Graduates are entering a global workforce using mobile technology. Learn how the SAP Mobile Platform gives employees the tools needed to make informed decisions in real time – no matter where they are. Understand the value of transforming business models with mobility. Gain insights to share with students, so they understand the value of mobility from an enterprise perspective.

Jason Kerner,


Database & Technology

Content Presented

Learn how SAP’s database and technology solutions, including the SAP HANA Platform, simplify IT landscapes and enable innovation. Hear examples you can share with students about businesses driving value through SAP solutions for database and data warehousing, enterprise information management, cloud, and portals.

Geoff Trembley,



Content Presented

Learn how SAP’s cloud solutions enable innovative human capital management; financial management; sales, service, and marketing; and procurement. Hear examples to share with students about small & mid-size firms improving service, reducing costs, and making more informed decisions by running SAP in the cloud with analytics and mobility, powered by the SAP HANA platform.

Andy Hillaker,



Content Presented

Learn about the SAP HANA platform. This in-memory database and applications platform is a game-changer in IT and business. SAP HANA enables smarter, faster decisions through real-time analysis and reporting combined with dramatically accelerated business processes. Hear examples you can share with students aboutcustomers innovating their business models and gaining value from SAP HANA.

Jeff Word,


Business Transformation Academy

Content Presented

SAP has established the Business Transformation Academy, a global and interdisciplinary network of experts from science and practice. Learn how SAP offers a best-in-class methodology for successful business transformation, enhancing customers’ value from SAP software solutions.Tim Hornung, SAP

Workforce Performance Builder (datango)

Content Presented

Learn how SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) automatically creates classroom training presentations, e-learning materials, and online help, enabling professors to enhance student learning. “Re-live” a challenging real-life project where student volunteers used SAP WPB to record business process procedures in SAP Business ByDesign. Learn how students developed marketable skills in the process.

Nancy Jones, California State University, Chico

Justin Moore, SAP

Breakout Sessions II: University Alliances Curriculum Across the Disciplines

Session TopicDescriptionSession Leader

Accounting: Getting Away from Point Click

Content Presented

This will be an interactive session where a lively discussion of teaching methods, successess and yes, even the occasional mishap, will be encouraged. Accounting faculty, Ronny Daigle and Nancy Jones will share their experiences in teaching classess using SAP. They will discuss how to manage student expectations for better acceptance and results; and how to demonstrate relevance of the SAP exercises to accountring concepts. Sample assignments will be provided to session participants.

Ronny Daigle, Sam Houston State University

Nancy Jones, California State University Chico

Analytics: From Big Data to Insight

Content Presented

With the volume of data increasing exponentially, managing large datasets and generating analytic insights has become an imperative. This session focuses on experiences teaching with SAP HANA software and SAP BusinessObjects, as well as other analytics curriculum. Learn how you can prepare students with this critical skill.

Bjarne Berg, Lenoir-Rhyne University

Adrian Gardiner, Georgia Southern University

Certification: Opportunities for Students

Content Presented

This session explains SAP certifications and other recognition opportunities to prepare students to better compete in a competitive job market. The session focus is the TERP10 Student Certification Academy…what is it, the value for students, how to get started, best practices for student success, and what’s new.

Ross Hightower, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bob Szymanski, Georgia Southern University

Computer Science and Information Technology

Content Presented

Designed for faculty who teach technical courses in the areas of IS, IT, and CS, this breakout session reviews the current SAP University Alliances curriculum available for SAP NetWeaver, SAP Mobile Platform, and SAP ABAP.  The instructors will share their experiences and lessons learned as well as discuss opportunities to create new courses based on these technologies. Integration of curricula into existing IT and CS courses is also reviewed.

Jim Lee, Brigham Young University Hawaii

Camille Rogers, Georgia Southern University

Information Systems : Innovating ERP Courses

Content Presented

Learn how professors teach business processes and configuration with SAP ERP and the Global Bike, Fitter Snacker, BPI and FlyaKite/Quazi cases. In addition, gain insight on introducing analytics, mobility, and in-memory computing with the SAP HANA platform, so students understand how organizations leverage data in ERP to innovate their business models.

Ellen Monk, University of Delaware

Fawzi Noman, Sam Houston State University

Bret Wagner, Western Michigan University

Marketing and Management: Customer and Talent Management

Content Presented 1

Content Presented 2

Human Capital Management and Customer Relationship Management are two areas of interest to management faculty.  This session examines how SAP ERP Human Capital Management and SAP Customer Relationship Management can be leveraged by professors to educate students in these important areas.

Andre Siegling, Otto von Guericke University

Kathleen Utecht, Sam Houston State University

Operations and Supply Chain Management: Using SAP ERP and SAP SCM

Content Presented

This session provides an overview of SAP University Alliances curriculum focusing on operations and supply chain management. Recent and planned changes in curricular offerings using SAP ERP and SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) will be discussed.  Professors may also review the approaching role of analytics, mobility and the SAP HANA platform in SCM curriculum.

Ray Boykin, Virginia State University

Mark Springer, Western Washington University

Strategy: Innovating Executive Education

Content Presented

Enterprise Systems are an important change lever for executives reinventing the structure and management of organizations.  Learn how ERP simulation can be used in executive education to provide a holistic picture of the role enterprise systems play in supporting business strategy.Pierre-Majorique Leger, HEC Montreal

Breakout Sessions III: Sharing Successful Practices

Session TopicDescriptionSession Leader

Creating Engaging Learning Materials using

Content Presented

As customers adopt SAP HANA for in-memory analytics and as their application database, students need SAP HANA knowledge to compete for tomorrow’s jobs. Learn how professors can create engaging learning materials using resources available today…videos, use cases, and competitive test drives. Gain insights you can use right away in your spring courses.

Michael Bliemel, Dalhousie University

Lorraine Gardiner, California State University, Chico

Bob Szymanski, Georgia Southern University

Crowd – Cloud – Collaborate: An Inter-University Project

Content Presented

Learn how professors from three universities created an innovative classroom experience in which students use SAP Cloud solutions to “do business.” Learn how you might join this inter-university activity in subsequent semesters or create one of your own. This works using both SAP ERP and SAP Business ByDesign.

Ed Bosman, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Nitin Kale, University of Southern California

Developing an Interdisciplinary Analytics Curriculum

Content Presented

At Grand Valley State University, an interdisciplinary team is delivering analytics curriculum aligned with industry needs and suitable for all business majors. Learn how you too can identify the skills employers need, build consensus for new curriculum, and enable students to gain highly sought after analytic skills.Thomas McGinnis, Grand Valley State University

Engaging High School Students in ERP

Content Presented

Emporia State University uses the ERP Simulation Game to interest high school students in business and IT. Learn how you can increase high school student interest in business education, create stronger relationships with high school teachers, and demonstrate value to your university to gain continued support for University Alliances membership.Ronald Freeze, Emporia State University

Exciting Students Though Innovative Competitions

Content Presented

Learn how professors and students engage with the SAP ecosystem in “InnoJams” and “CodeJams,” using analytics, mobile, and SAP HANA solutions in a fun, competitive setting with help from SAP experts. Experiences exciting students through competitions using ERPsim and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design will also be shared.

Jim Kimpel, University of Pittsburgh

Pierre-Majorique Leger, HEC Montreal

Holger Wittges, TU München

Partnership Model for High Schools and the U.S. Army

Content Presented

Virginia State University has developed innovative partnerships with regional high schools as well as the Army Logistics University to further science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Learn how SAP University Alliances members can partner to inspire students to pursue STEM careers and provide graduates with marketable skills.Ray Boykin, Virginia State University

SAP Across the Curriculum: Starting a Movement!

Content Presented

The University of Findlay has integrated SAP throughout the undergraduate curriculum. Learn how you, too can integrate SAP in accounting, information systems, management, and marketing; and how you can overcome challenges and provide value to students, faculty, and your university.

Lew Chasalow,The University of Findlay

Louann Cummings, The University of Findlay

Maria Gamba, The University of Findlay

Joe Martelli, The University of Findlay

Desafíos Culturales en la Enseñanza de SAP en Latinoamérica

Cultural Challenges teaching SAP in Latin America.

Content Presented

Una visión de la Filosofía SAP para quienes comienzan en el mundo SAP. El relator compartirá experiencias de 17 años enseñando SAP en Latinoamérica y entregará tips para quienes quieran comenzar en esta tarea.

The SAP philosophy for those starting in the SAP world. The speaker will share experiences of 17 years teaching SAP in Latin America and will share tips for those who want to start in this task.

Aulis Tornero, SAP Consultant and independent Professor

in Chile


These workshops introduce available SAP University Alliances curriculum and include hands-on exercises.

Session TopicDescriptionSession Leader

Analytic Applications and Global Bike, Inc.

Content Presented

Learn about analytic applications using SAP software solutions. Gain experience using SAP BusinessObjects Analysis (successor to SAP Business Explorer Analyzer) and data mining of large datasets with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. Participants will explore exercises using Global Bike, Inc. and University of Arkansas big data repositories.Nitin Kale, University of Southern California

In-Memory Database Management and the SAP HANA Platform

Content Presented

Introduces the SAP HANA platform and Analytics as breakthrough computing technology. SAP HANA is an in-memory database and platform for real-time analytics and real-time applications. Gain insight to enhance students' understanding of how large organizations make smarter decisions faster with in-memory data processing.

Lorraine Gardiner, California State University, Chico

Mobile Application Development with the SAP Mobile Platform

Content Presented

The SAP Mobile Platform enables organizations to mobilize sales, field service, human resources, finance, procurement, and more. Gain insight on the technical aspects of this platform to enhance teaching in web and application development classes. Includes the newly developed hands-on exercises using the SAP Mobile Platform.

Dave Haseman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ross Hightower, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

SAP HANA Business Cases

Content Presented

Explore the SAP HANA Use Cases and understand the value SAP customers are gaining through leveraging their big data for competitive advantage using in-memory computing with SAP HANA. See how you can take part and help shape the ways in which academic content is being crafted to enhance the materials for classroom use. 

Bob Szymanski, Georgia Southern University

Ruks Omar, SAP

Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Using Global Bike, Inc.

Content Presented

The value of a global case study that follows a student through their coursework has been documented in pedagogical studies. SAP University Alliances has created such a case company for SAP ERP-enhanced courses: Global Bike, Inc. (GBI). Now the AIS curricula has been updated to realize the value of GBI. Please join this workshop to experience the newly converted AIS curriculum using GBI.

Nancy Jones, Chico State University

Introduction to SAP ERP Using the ERP Simulation Game

Content Presented

With ERPsim, a business simulation game that runs on a real SAP ERP system, students form teams and manage companies in a simulated competitive market. Participants work input operational decisions and monitor business performance using SAP Crystal Dashboard. ERPsim isn’t just a game.  It provides insight into ERP configuration, business process management and business intelligence.Pierre-Majorique Leger, Jean-Francois Michon, HEC Montreal

SAP ERP Configuration Using Global Bike, Inc.

Content Presented 1

Content Presented 2

Content Presented 3

Learn how to teach a configuration course using SAP ERP Configuration using Global Bike, Inc. This session covers new curriculum and best practices for the classroom.  This course is new for Spring 2013 and will be popular amongst students advancing beyond the introductory course.

Simha Magal, Grand Valley State University

Tom Wilder, California State University, Chico

SAP Workforce Performance Builder (datango)

Content Presented

Gain hands-on training in SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) (formerly datango). SAP WPB automatically creates classroom training presentations, e-learning materials, and online help, enabling professors to enhance student learning. Download SAP WPB, gain hands-on experience with the software, and get guidance on starting to create your own classroom presentations.Justin Moore, SAP

Introduction to SAP ERP Using Global Bike, Inc. (Spanish Language)

Content Presented

Learn the best practices and show your students how to use the innovative  SAP Applications to prepare them for a challenging job market. SAP ERP configuration using Global Bike Inc. Workshop includes hands-on ERP exercises.

Aprenda las mejores prácticas y enseñe a sus estudiantes a usar las aplicaciones SAP y ayúdelos a ingresar al mercado laboral cada vez más competitivo.El taller sobre la Configuración de  SAP ERP con el caso Global Bike Inc. Incluye ejercicios y casos en el sistema

NOTE:  This workshop is offered in the morning session only.

Marcella Revilla, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education


Session Topic
SAP HANA Essentials
Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems
A Handbook of Business Transformation Management Methodology
SAP HANA: An Introduction
Processes, Systems, and Information:  An Introduction to MIS
Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning
Mobile Development for SAP
ERPsim Game: Student Text and Teaching Notes
Wiley Publishing
SAP Press
University Competence Center:  University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
University Competence Center:  California State University, Chico
America's SAP User Group (ASUG)



Thursday, February 21


Friday, February 22

     Morning and afternoon:


  • Social event and poster session at Harley Davidson Museum

Saturday, February 23


     Morning and afternoon:

  • Hands-on workshops hosted at UWM campus - half-day sessions which repeat


  • Explore Design Thinking Session and Reception (6:00 pm -9:00 pm) 

        Professors will explore design thinking and learn how to engage further.




The Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award was established to honor the memory of Dr. Majdi Najm who was the director of the University Competence Center at the University of Missouri. Majdi passed away in 2004. We are pleased to announce that Gail Corbitt is the 2013 award recipient. Read the blog by Alex McLeod for more information.



As a leader in sustainability, SAP is committed to sharing our successful sustainability practices with our customers and partners, helping them integrate sustainability into their own strategies and operations. Our efforts extend to the SAP Academic Conference Americas during which offered electronic versions of conference materials. Workshop exercises and a brief onsite guide were only documents being printed. Sustainable practices were followed at both the conference and workshop venues.