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Former Member

I am a final year engineering student at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. I was one of the students eight students from India sent by SAP University Alliances to Orlando, Florida (USA) to attend the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2013.

The event was bigger than the two TechEDs i have seen in the past  2 years of my engineering life and left me spellbound. There were a plethora of companies which were presenting their products and showcasing how SAP helps them run their business better, faster and safer.


It was a complete and exciting learning experience as we got to learn and understand not only the new technologies in the industry but also look at them from a business perspective rather than only a technical one like we do otherwise as engineering students. I believe SAP University Alliances is doing a great job by giving so many opportunities to students like us in the form of competitions and other online resources. These not only help us innovate and learn better, but also give us the opportunity to present ourselves at grand stages.

Oh and apart from the whole event which itself cannot be summarized in words which do justice to the amazing and inspiring learning and exposure we witnessed, the city of Orlando was just an icing on the cake. Theme parks, Gator parks .. the list goes on and on. All in all, it was a week filled with learning about SAP, witnessing the power of SAP and seeing how it helps businesses grow from an idea into what they are today and having some fun in the wonderful city of Orlando. :grin: It was arguably the best week of my life.

I am once again grateful to SAP University Alliances for providing me with this opportunity and I hope that other students too take the opportunities provided by SAP University Alliances and make the best out of it and learn as much as they can about the exciting and powerful world of SAP.