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You’ve probably run into pesky error messages or system generated prompts a few times (at least) in your workday.  They pop up when you’re mid transaction or when you’re trying to complete a task.  Sometimes you just close them out and continue on your way, other times they stop you dead in your tracks and make it impossible for you to continue what you were just doing.

Even the littlest of distractions can throw off your productivity.  Like me, most of you probably don’t think too much about these interruptions and chalk them up to annoyance more than anything.

But if you looked a little deeper into this seemingly small issue, you might be surprised to find out just how disruptive they really are, not only to you, but to your organization as a whole.

A customer service rep could lose up to 1.5 hours a day managing these types of system prompts. Multiply that by 100 reps in a call center and your organization could be losing 150 hours of productivity per day! And all of that translates into frustrated employees, slowed transaction times, and ultimately costs your company money in lost productivity and a decrease in customer satisfaction.

By identifying and subsequently, eliminating these prompts/errors you and your company would experience increased efficiency, reduced frustration and improved productivity. Deploying a User Experience Management (UEM) tool, either on premise or in the cloud, provides the visibility into what’s really happening when employees try to get their jobs done. How often are they stopped dead in their tracks to address an error prompt or system message? How often are these interruptions useless and simply just a distraction?

Imagine if you didn’t have to press enter seven times to get to the next screen?  By simply turning off an unnecessary prompt you could alleviate frustration, reduce time wasted and simply get on with the business at hand.

This infographic from SAP and Knoa Software demonstrates just how impactful system/user errors can be to your bottom line. By making just a few small changes, your business can reduce wasted time, foster happier users, improve customer service and response time and greatly improve your employees’ productivity.

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