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As Thomas Friedman wrote in his bestselling book, “The World is Flat”, our globalized economy has made the transfer and sharing of information more and more complex.

In a recent webinar, Mark Vickers, Senior Analyst from Bersin & Associates and Thomas Jenewein, Education Solution Manager at SAP discussed how organizations are meeting the challenge to extend their business network globally, particularly as it relates to learning.

With so many contingent workers in today’s global workforce — suppliers, contractors, dealers, partners, and more — training must now extend beyond the traditional parameters of an enterprise to accommodate them. Workplace and worker mobility now requires that more and more training be conducted through e-learning.

Training multiple, diverse groups connected to your organization can be challenging since many of them require different levels of knowledge, while all of them must be aligned with your organization’s business strategy. The recent growth of social approaches and increased collaboration have become key elements of learning and have given a boost to learning transfer.

Jenewein described how SAP’s Extended Learning Solution brings the power of the SAP learning solution to partners and vendors through extended learning management. It facilitates the sharing of knowledge, so organizations can collectively achieve higher quality, greater productivity, and faster time to market.

By leveraging a common infrastructure for both internal and external learners, this option reduces the total cost of ownership of SAP software. The Extended Learning Solution integrates with the SAP ERP application to streamline back-end processes and help to automate processes. In addition, organizations experience these benefits:

·         Increased customer loyalty and reduced need for support efforts through training for customers

·         Reduced quality issues and improved quality control from improved service

·         Partner certification to help create win-win situations

·         Better customer training to increases retention, brand awareness and accelerates a smoother rollout of new products

·         New hires are better prepared to provide more effective and efficient service from day one

From an organizational perspective, the Extended Learning Solution helps businesses:

·         Ensure legal compliance

·         Guarantee that products and services are delivered at the highest quality

·         Accelerate and simplify product rollouts

·         Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty

·         Reduce customer and partner training costs

·         Run external learning activities as a profit center

To learn more about the SAP Extended Learning Solution, visit the SAP Education website.

To access numerous resources about the topic of extended learning, visit the Bersin & Associates website.

To further explore Learning Management Systems, please join MIT and Bersin & Associates on Thursday, October 18th at 11AM ET for a discussion on the Learning Management Systems market and MIT's experience implementing and using a Learning Managinment System.

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