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Making an Impact at SAP to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Part 1: Overall – Corporate Social Responsibility

Since world leaders adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) back in September 2015 some progress has been made to improve lives around the world. These 17 global goals are aimed at sustainable prosperity for all in emerging and developed regions, including No Poverty and Zero Hunger (Goals #1 and #2), Quality Education (#4), Gender Equality (#5) and Partnerships for the Goals (#17).

However, according to the Sustainable Development Progress Report 2017, everyone needs to pitch in to accelerate the pace to make these goals a reality by 2030.

Here are some examples of how SAP, its employees and customers support the SDGs. During a recent event at SAP’s headquarters, employees shared insights into their initiatives to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. The first part of this series covers general topics and outlines activities led by SAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team. More parts will follow with glimpses of further programs and focus areas.

Digitization and digital transformation offer unprecedented opportunities to enable organizations and companies to tackle some of the world’s most complex issues and advance the SDGs. It also poses challenges with regards to ensuring the world’s workforce is prepared for meaningful employment in the digital economy and no one is left behind. “SAP has embraced the view that training workers for a digital economy is our corporate responsibility. Going further, we believe that leading companies have a moral obligation to initiate people into the modern economy, regardless of where they come from,” says Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP.

Derived from SAP’s vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives, we have made it our corporate social responsibility (CSR) mission to provide the world’s youth with the skills they need to tackle society’s problems and thrive in the digital economy. “Specifically, we work in close collaboration with our external and internal partners to enhance educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth around the world to help ensure a sustainable future for our company, our customers, and for society.”, says Alexandra van der Ploeg, Global Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP.

SAP CSR is firmly committed to the sustainable development goals with a focus on goal #4 (quality education),#8 (decent work & economic growth) and #17 (partnerships for the goals). SAP is also a founding partner of IMPACT 2030, a private sector-led initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations, social and public sectors, and academia, with the unique mission to activate human capital investments through employee volunteer programs to advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Watch the recording to explore why it is important for us at SAP to support the SDG, and what is being done on an individual, team and corporate level.

Talking about "How SAP supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" during a recent event in Walldorf:

  • Dr. Bernd Welz, EVP and Chief Knowledge Officer in P&I, SAP

  • Daniel Schmid, Chief Sustainability Officer, SAP

  • Alexandra van der Ploeg, Global Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP

Would you like to learn more about the important topic of sustainability, and how digital transformation helps achieve the SDGs? It is still possible to participate in the re-run of the openSAP course “Sustainability through Digital Transformation that started Oct 16, 2017. Get engaged and enroll for this course today!

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