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In this Blog Post you will learn how to use standard SAP Solution of Audit Trail function for Long Text Change Log .

You want to activate long Text Change log , but you don't want to activate long text log for entire system. (Without Doing any Enhancement or Development Object )

To activate long text log , we need to change settings for STXH and STXL  , which activates logging for entire table and objects .

SAP Provides standard Functionality , so that you can activate and deactivate the logging of long texts without technical modification by setting up the logging facility for the tables STXH and STXL. Follow the link for more details .

This blog post is detailed explanation of above link with proper example .

Before you start with making changes to the system , identify and get the text object for which you want to log the long text Change Log .

Follow the steps to get the details for long text log object .

  1. Go to long text log screen and Go To >> Header.

  2. You will get Text ID and Text Object .So here we will be activating Long Text Log for Text ID AVOT. (Order Operation)

In this way you can identify the required Text ID and Text Object for your transaction .

Scenario : You want to activate Long Text change log only for operations of Maintenance order but not at the Maintenance Order header level. Following are the steps to complete the settings .

  1. The system profile parameter rec/client must be active for each client in which you want to log the long text tables STXL and STXH . ( Basis Activity )

  2. Activate Long Text Logging for STXH and STXL in Transaction code S_AUT01.

  3. Go To Transaction code S_AUT04 and select Text Object AUFK and Text ID AVOT and Press Shift+F1(Log Log Text )

  4. Press Ctrl + Shift + F12 (Synchronize Filter Table )

  5.  You will receive following message,for system Restart.

  6. Click on Yes and the save save the details .

  7. Once you made all above settings then Basis Team needs to restart the Application server.

  8. After System Restarts Make changes to the Long text log of Order header and order Operation and save the details.

  9. Go To Transaction code S_AUT10 and enter  start date ,Transaction code and select Long Text log check box and execute.

  10. Here you can see system is capturing Header and Operation long text log both.Reason for capturing both Long text is that , both Text IDs AVOT ( Operation Long Text ) and KOPF ( Header Long Text ) , belongs to Text Object AUFK . So when you activate settings for any text ID , system activates Long text log for all Text IDs which belongs to that text object . So to remove these logs from the data base you need to schedule an background job for the report S_AUT_DEL.                                                                                                                      What this report Does : It checks the settings maintained in S_AUT04 . ( Where we have removed the deletion flag for AVOT ) Following screen shot has been taken after running the report S_AUT_DEL , where it removes the entry for KOPF and checks all other objects which are linked to AUFK .


We can divide complete task into 3 sets as mentioned below .

Steps 1 to 7 are required to setup and complete the setting for particular objects long text log to activate .

Steps 8 and 9 are required to test , if the settings are effective in system and working as expected.

Step 10 is an additional step and an important one , as you don't want to add unwanted long text data to your data base , so you need to schedule an background job to remove these data from your system.

I hope that this blog post will help you in understanding and to make proper settings for SAP standard functionality of audit trail log.

You can do more with Audit Trail Functionality Provided by SAP , Lets explore the same and share your experience here .

Followings are the IMG path and some important SAP Notes relevant for Long Text log.

IMG Menu Path for Audit Trail settings .

SAP NetWeaver >> Application Server >> Basis Services >> Audit Trail


Please Refer Following Relevant SAP Notes :

573291 - Audit Trail Activate long text logging

703891 - Audit Trail Client dependency of logging

531937 - AUT04 Assignment of long texts to transactions

1058984 - Frequent audit trail problems
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