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On Tuesday, July 4th, 14 students and 3 teachers from the Liceu Politècnic Secondary School visited SAP in Walldorf. They came from Rubí, a small town (75.000 habitants) close to Barcelona, Spain. The 14 students were between 14 and 15 years old and are learning German as a foreign language at school. They were on a school trip to Heidelberg for five days and the SAP visit was part of their schedule. The visit was initiated and organized by the SAP Young Thinkers department.

We started with a guided tour through the SAP Inspiration Pavilion. We were lucky to have a colleague from Guatemala explaining the exhibition in Spanish, so that the students and the teachers could enjoy the content and concentrate on it, without extra effort regarding the language. Already after the introduction at the Big Data Wall, they were absolutely impressed with the information provided. As they saw the pictures of New York and Tokyo with this tremendous resolution (one picture consist of 8.000 pictures), their eyes began to light up. The tour ended with a showcase of the SAP software and its application possibilities in the Allianz Arena (home to FC Bayern München soccer club), which was extremely exciting for the students.

After a short walk to the SAP Next-Gen room, we were very glad to have Ainara Palomero Ugarte as a Design Thinking Coach give an introduction into this methodology, also speaking the native language of the students. The participants struggled a bit with the task of re-thinking the action of “giving away”. The focus was on the preliminary phases of the methodology, with interviews within the pair groups, in order to get to know the final user in detail. At the end, they presented their ideas to find the most suitable present for each one in the group.

Then we enjoyed lunch and a coffee break in the canteen of the SAP Star Building. The day ended with an introduction workshop to the visual programming language Snap!. The students coded their first lines, producing small animations; such as a girl going to dance by a car, or a fish jumping over an obstacle.

Liceu Politècnic returned to Heidelberg happy and full of unforgettable impressions. We wish the students and teachers a lot of fun enjoying the rest of their trip in Germany.