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     On the last Friday (March, 28), I had the pleasure to meet with the students and professors of FATEC Zona Sul, to introduce the University Alliances program. FATEC is an important technical education institute, that helps São Paulo (the richest state of Brazil) to enable his workforce, with around 60 (and growing!) units spread around São Paulo. FATEC also has as a mission: to help people that leaves in deprived areas or marginalised by society to learn a profession and get a chance to change their lifes.

     The partnership with FATEC started on February, 28, when we signed the Associate contract and they became formal members of the University Alliances program. Now the partnership is evolving as we discuss our ideas to leverage the program initiatives at FATEC. We had 2 sessions to introduce the students and professors to the program and show the resources they can access as members of the program. In the first session, for the morning/evening students, we had around 20 students in the audience and also 3 professors. In the session for the night students we had a full crowded auditorium, with around 60 students and 4 professors.

     Finally, I would like to thank some people: professors Luiz Claudio Gonçalves and Rinaldo di Schiavi and Eliseu Lemes, who made this partnership and presentation possible. I also would like to thank Hellen Sulamita, who spoke with the morning/evening students about career and leadership. Check out the pictures of this delightful presentation bellow: