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SAP UA has been invited by ESIGELEC to participate to specific Big data program.

SAP UA has animated 3 sessions for 50 students around following topics :

16th of October :   Presentation about Entreprise Performance Management + Big Data applications

9th of November : Presentation of Hana Cloud Platform

14 th of December : Business case Predictive Analytics

On the 16th of October, we could introduce EPM topic for the students :

We presented

- an overview of SAP solutions for EPM

- SAP main competitors on the market, and SAP position on the market

- new challenfes and new competencies for controllers and CFO

- presentation of project methodology, challenges and risks

- roles and careers

In the afternoon, topic was Big Data applications. During this session, we had the opportunity to introduce SAP strategy, new products. We promoted cloud, mobile and Hana topics and explained to the students innovations generated with these new technologies.

We could introduce very concrete Big Data applications like football, agriculture, connected shop, Hamburg Harbour, smart city....

On the 9th of November, we could introduce to the students a one day tutorial about Hana Cloud Platform. Thanks to Pierre-Alain GRAN, Presales BI, database and technology who explained to the students the different components and services of the platform. The students could also practice on HCP as they could download the trial version. They got all the documents and basic knowledge to develop their own applications.

We could also present very concrete examples and success stories : Hagleitner, Still, Roche

On the 14th of December, to close the Big data program, the students could discover a concrete example of Predictive Analytics with data scientist Hani HAJJI (One day long). Hani animated a business case about "Telco Churn" from a telco operator.

As an introduction, the students could discover the product and main applications (after a few theorical reminders...) Then they could manipulate, create attributes in order to better understand the target and criteria of churners.

They finally got a list of phone numbers of customers to look after in order to avoid that they leave the operator. Thanks to this demo, the students could better understand what the solution could bring to analysts. 

Thanks a lot to great speakers for participating to this program and many thanks to ESIGELEC (Fadoua BOUZBOUZ and Sylvain TENIER) for inviting SAP University Alliances.

See you in 2016 for the next edition !