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For the second time, UA France has been invited by EPF in Sceaux to introduce :

- Big Data to 30 students of Business Decision engineering option. This session took place on the 31st of August 2015. During this session, the students could discover new applications on Big Data, as well as the global market situation on this market. They also watched the film "Human Face of Big Data" and the new fields that are now opened with these new technologies.

We could also promote many cool applications of big data with videos and answer several questions on certification process and careers at SAP.

- ERP and S4 Hana to 30 students of Management of Information System (MSI) option. This session took place on the 3rd of September 2015. During this session, the students learnt what an ERP is, content and project methodology. We also presented SAP strategy, Cloud approach ( different options offered to our customers)  and HANA (definition and caracteristics). The students could also learn the preparametrizations options (Rapid Deployment solution) and the design thinking methodology.

Both sessions were ended with a short description on their future role in IT industry either by an editor, an integrator, or a customer.

We promoted cloud, mobility, and HANA topics to the students and explained to them the great opportunities generated with these innovations for their future careers.

Both groups were very interested in these presentations and excited to have an interactive session with a SAP professional.

We encouraged both groups to practice on our applications, to participate to different competitions (contests, Innojams, code jams...)

We are also very happy to share that 2 project teams from MSI option are currently working on a Hana Cloud Platform project during their 1st quarter. We wish them all the best on their project.

We are looking forward of having new opportunities of collaboration with EPF.