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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Learning Journeys are the best way to improve your learning process and get the necessary guidance for your learning activities. They can be defined as visual guides designed to help you achieve your learning goals based on your role and a specific SAP solution. Take a look at this learn more page to help you understand their purpose before getting started with the Learning Journeys.

Make the Learning Journeys your own – personalize it – and working on the right Learning Journeys like SAP S/4 HANA or Intelligent Enterprise easily. New features available for public Learning Journeys on will make your experience with Learning Journeys more personalized

Set your learning progress and save the Learning Journeys you’re interested in

You have now two new interesting features to help you track your personal learning progress and find the learning Journeys you are working on your fingertips.

To be able to personalize your Learning Journey you need to log on to SAP Help Portal.
In SAP Help Portal in the right corner click on lock to logon with your SAP Cloud Identity user or create one. 

Set your personal learning progress
You can now set your personal learning status for each learning tile activity in any Learning Journey. Just hover over each learning activity with your mouse and you can set the following status:

 Learning this

Set this status to indicate you are in the process of learning the content

Done already

Set this status if you finished this learning activity already or you are already familiar or capable on this topic

Skip this

Set this status if this topic is not relevant for you


You can find all Learning Journeys you set a status in your My Learning Journeys – In Progress list.

The learning status you've set will be there next time you log in so that you know where to continue your learning. To deselect a status, you just need to click on it again.

Please note that statuses you may have maintained in the beta version of this feature will be removed as a consequence of this feature going into general release.

Save your Learning Journeys

You can now save a full Learning Journey or one/multiple Learning Journey scenarios to your My Learning Journeys List.

Just select the Pin-button in a Learning Journey to save it. You can navigate with the Book-button to the My Learning Journeys List. Here you find all your saved and In Progress Learning Journeys.


The new features allow you to save the Learning Journeys you are interested in an you can easily access them from the My Learning Journeys – Saved list.


Sounds interesting?  You can start your new learning experience here.

Don't forget to let us know what you think of this feature and share your feedback with us.

In the Learning Journey just click on.