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In one of the latest episodes of the Education NewsCast podcast Christoph Haffner welcomes me to discuss Learning Journeys. We agree that nowadays people are exposed to a diverse digital learning universe making it the task of SAP to guide the learner through the jungle of content out there.

This logic lead to the creation of the Learning Journeys concept which came to light at the end of 2015. The initial trigger to invent the Learning Journeys was the following: there was a great variety of offerings and numerous content references that the learners didn’t really know where to begin. They needed guidance. As a result, based on the learners’ feedback, we came up with the response to the main pain point: organizing the content in the format of a Learning Journey.

So how does this work exactly?

Firstly, we can understand a Learning Journey as a visual guide which is always based on the product and a role. Thus, for example, if you are interested in S4/HANA as a developer, you can find a suitable Learning Journey on this topic. It will guide you through all the multiple offerings that we have for the given product and role.

Furthermore, Learning Journey’s task is to structure the various learning offerings on a certain product in 4 comprehensible scenarios. If as a learner, you want to get a basic understanding of the product, it leads you to the ‘Start with an overview’ scenario.

On the other hand, you could also be interested in becoming certified and you would like to find out which courses you need to do and which certifications you need to pass in order to become certified in a specific role and product. If that is the case, you will end up in the to ‘Become competent’ scenario.

Once you have your certification, however, you need to keep it current. Since new features are released every quarter, as a learner you are expected to keep up with the trends - which leads you to the ‘Stay current’ scenario.

The ‘Expand your skills’ scenario in its turn includes additional information, skills and areas that support the main topic of the Learning Journey, which gives you a possibility to further deepen your knowledge.

Naturally, as a learner you are not expected to go through all the scenarios. Based on your learning needs mentioned above, you choose which scenario you wish to follow.

In this episode of the Education NewsCast podcast you will find out more about Learning Journeys n and hear about the interviewee’s personal touch on learning and learning trends at SAP.

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