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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This workshop has been created for presales executives to help them increase their skills around insightful discovery with their customers. This session is used by SAP to train their presales teams in best practices when it comes to being proficient at the skills of customer discovery.

As an SAP partner it is important to understand and improve your skills in this area as it will give you the best chance to move forward with any presales and sales engagements you may have with your potential clients.

This is a 3 weeks course (1 session per week) and each session will be roughly 90 minutes. We strongly recommend you attend all 3 courses to get the best out of the workshop.


Session 1, April 18: REGISTER HERE 

  • Introduction

  • Why Buy – The Pain Chain

  • The Pain Chain Workshop

Session 2, April 25: REGISTER HERE 

  • Why SAP / Why You – Competitive Differentiation

  • Differentiator Workshop

  • Why Now – People and Timing

Session 3, May 2: REGISTER HERE

  • The Interview Framework

  • Case Study Interviews

  • Wrap up

We encourage you to use the Forum in our SAP PartnerExcellence Collaboration Room to discuss, interact and share ideas around this workshop. Feel free to add any thoughts, questions, comments.


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  2. Select the SAP Partner Excellence Collaboration Room of your choice, and click the “Access” button.

  3. A new window will open. Accept the SAP Learning Hub Terms and Conditions

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