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Simplifying a Tricky Transition

Coming in as a new intern there is an overwhelming amount of information to learn about the world leader of enterprise software. From IT Cloud Solutions to simply navigating the company’s systems, the opportunities to educate myself are unlimited. However, learning company fundamentals while quickly adapting to the hands-on environment of the work place can be difficult multitasks. With that being said, I have decided to take advantage of an online learning opportunity that allows me to further my education at my own convenience. SAP Learning Hub, student edition has provided the benefit of simplifying my transition into SAP in the learning environment of my choice.

A Hands-on Experience in a Virtual World

While the SAP Learning Hub, student edition offers a range of courses, I chose to take a basic overview course of SAP to better acclimate myself with the company. The overview course covers an array of topics ranging from identifying SAP’s system wide concepts to executing a profitability analysis report.

What I found particularly helpful about the Learning Hub was that it not only taught me, but engaged me as well. Each of the course topics had a number of demonstrations and practices that forced me to apply what I was learning. For example, the screen shot on the right walked me through the step-by-step process of creating a standard order.

There were also typically assessment questions on each topic that tested my knowledge as well. The questions were given throughout a chapter to ensure I understood the information before moving on.

Although the course was eight hours, I had the flexibility to complete it over the span of two work days at my own convenience. When I had down time in the office or even at home, I was easily able to jump online and participate in the course. I acquired the foundation knowledge of SAP without ever impeding on my internship workload. 

New Windows for New Opportunities
Whether you are looking to gain a better understanding of SAP fundamentals or further develop your IT knowledge and skills, SAP Learning Hub provides valuable learning opportunities. The student edition offers online access to knowledge about SAP solutions specially designed for university students.

As a current university student, I know that taking advantage of SAP Learning Hub increases my potential to become a more desirable entry –level candidate when it comes to finding a job. In a competitive job market, the earlier you start the better. Because of that, the overview course is just the start to my educational journey. The world of learning is now that much greater and I plan to take full advantage of it!

For more info on the SAP Learning Hub Student Edition, check out these FAQs.

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