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We are delighted to inform you about the upcoming Train the Trainer workshop on a very special topic "Learn how Agile Project Management Approach can be applied to implementing SAP Projects successfully" to be delivered by Ann Rosenberg, Head of Global University Alliances, SAP AG. This workshop is organized for professors and lecturers from SAP University Alliances!

Please find the details below.

Venue - SAP Labs, Whitefield, Bangalore, India

     SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.,

     #138, EPIP Zone


     Bangalore – 560066, India

Registration - we will shortly update this blog with more information on how you can register!!

Time/ Date - 12-13 June 2013

Title of course : Learn how Agile Project Management Approach can be applied to implementing SAP Projects successfully

Course Goals:  Understand how to implementing the latest IT innovations with enhanced speed, reduced risks and lower costs using the simplified

rapid-eployment solution experience from SAP:


  • Explore: Customers begin by using the SAP Solution Explorer site,, providing a full menu of solutions, capabilities and related rapid-deployment options.
  • Select: Customers define their implementation by selecting individual components and the scope of work. Through a built-in solution configurator they can mix and match solutions, picking the functionality that best fit their business requirements. Each selection comes with a detailed outline of implementation requirements or customers can pick from a list of recommended packages.
  • Deploy: Customers receive a fully assembled SAP rapid-deployment solution containing best practices for jumpstarting their implementation, all pre-installed, pre-configured and integrated. The addition of an enhanced version of ASAP methodology to the SAP Solution Manager application management solution provides a guided methodology that builds on the principles of a packaged implementation and connects the previous stages. Using SAP Solution Manager and the selected business scope customers can easily fine-tune their solution to accommodate for delta requirements and complete remaining implementation issues.
  • Run: To close the loop, business scope information is reused to serve as the common foundation for business process monitoring or to help ensure efficient service delivery. The synthesis of content, tools and methodology consequently materializes in a visible difference at each stage across the lifecycle.

Course Content: Demo on simplified rapid-deployment solution experience from SAP.

Title of course :  Design Thinking, Business Model and Innovation

Course Goals:    Learn, Share & Apply Techniques on : Design Thinking , BPM, Strategy and HANA


  • LEARN: Foundational Training
  • APPLY: Join Events, Access Sandboxes and Maintain your Skills


Course Content: This course will extend your knowledge to include:







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