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I would like to share with you the outcome of the Virtual Sessions we organized during the months of February and March.

With more than 20 countries in Latin America but only 11 SAP Subsidiaries in the region, SAP UA LA piloted a new approach to contact SAP UA Latin-American professors. We scheduled 8 weekly virtual sessions.

It was a bit tough to figure out the right timing for the sessions, considering our audience is distributed in 7 time zones!      In addition, it was season of summer vacations in certain countries. Nevertheless, I think we succeed in the pilot! I hope we are able to continue with this format of communication.

Here I would like to share the recordings of those sessions (all in spanish)


Session Title


Link to Recording

12 Feb 2015

Session 1: Kickoff of Virtual Event, demo UA communities

Ruth Zamudio

19 Feb 2015

Session 2: SAP Business One

Thiago Mendes

24 Feb 2015

Session 3: Success Story - Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas

Jimmy Armas

03 Mar 2015

Session 4: Success Story - Universidad del Rosario

Andrés Roa

09 Mar 2015

Session 5: ERPSim

Carlo Mora Monge

17 Mar 2015

Session 6: Young Thinkers

Ruth Zamudio

26 Mar 2015

Session 7: Student Entrepreneurship

Ruth Zamudio

31 Mar 2015

Session 8: HCP and Lumira

Ruth Zamudio

More information available in SAP University Alliances América Latina, España y Portugal jam group