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In this blog I will try to summarize my experience of the 3 HCP Codejams held in Lima on April 16th, 17th and 18th. Aaron Williams from Palo Alto office, joined us on site to lead all three workshops, after doing the same in Bogota.

The events were hosted at the top 3 undergraduate universities in Peru:

Universidad del Pacífico (UP), Universidad de Lima (UL),

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).

Overall we had 101 participants (96 students, 5 professors), representing: 7 universities, 1 NGO (Laboratoria), 1 Community of Students (Hackspace Peru)

As I was present in all of them, I can confirm that each event was unique!

   @UP: students were in the event room 30 minutes before time. BTW punctuality is not one of Peruvians strengths!. As each student had their own laptop, they had to follow all installation process, and were able to take home a HCP ready device!

   @PUCP: students were fast to catch the knowledge, and exercise were developed fast. We had time to learn a bit about IoT from Aaron.

   @UL: students had time to practice with an unplanned 3rd HANA exercise

To be honest, I was a bit concerned as the participants were silent and staring at their computers, but that meant that they were engaged and involved in each part of the exercise! At the end of the event the feedback I received was:

  • Very Dynamic!
  • Interactive!
  • Cool! (chévere)
  • Now I can apply what I have learned in classes!

And from facebook posts I have seen students that were not able to join to comment:

  • Why did I miss it?
  • Let me know about further SAP Events, I want to join them

At the end of each event, I invited our UA students to apply for the roles: SAP Ambassador for Student Entrepreneurship and Student Ambassador for SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Gator (Aaron’s loyal partner) was always present in all Codejams!

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