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VLDB is a premier annual international forum for data management and database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users. Well known as one of the top 3 database conferences globally, it covered current issues in data management, database and information systems research.   

VLDB2014 took place at Hangzhou from 1st – 5th Sep 2014.  This year is the 40th international conference and it was organized by Zhejiang University which has long been considered as one of the top-three universities in China.  It is the first time that the VLDB Conference took place in China with more than 850 professionals attended. As one of the Platinum Sponsors, SAP owned one area to showcase the cutting-edge technology and solutions, which attracted most audiences onsite.

Invited by Prof. Aoying Zhou, East China Normal University, who is also the Conference Program Chair,  Prof. Dr. h.c.mult. Hasso Plattner, Chairman of Supervisory Board and Global Managing Board, SAP SE, presented a splendid keynote on The Impact of Columnar In-Memory Databases on Enterprise Systems on 2nd  September.  He shared with the audience how his earlier views on columnar in-memory database is now widely adopted in academia and industry.  It has also been proven to run analytical queries on large data sets directly on a redundancy-free schema, eliminating the need to maintain pre-built aggregate tables during data entry transactions. The resulting reduction in transaction complexity leads to a dramatic simplification of data models and applications, redefining the way we build enterprise systems.

Gerhard Oswald, Head of SQS Board, Member of SAP Executive Board together with Dr. Uwe Hommel, Head, AGS, SAP SE and Dr. Ruicheng Li, Senior Vice President, Managing Director SAP Labs China also attended the Conference.

SAP University Alliances China was invited to attend this conference by Zhejiang University and East China Normal University. Jenny Yang, Senior Manager, University Alliances China attended this conference and met with many UA professors there.  Beside the UA booth, Jenny also shared with many academics and participants on the assets we have available for them to learn SAP technology such as SAP HANA, Cloud courses, SAP Mobile and Analytics etc.  It was a great opportunity to promote SAP technology and UA vision to all the attendees, and successfully engaged with 6 prospective universities to join UA program in the near future.