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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

With the rapid speed of innovation happening in business today, cultivating and keeping skills up to date is vital. The World Economic Forum has noted that more than one billion people will require reskilling by the year 2030. The SAP ecosystem reflects this trend, as it is expected to grow to at a record speed,  from employing 1 million workers in 2020 to 1.6 million by 2024. This accelerated growth will affect consultants as well, as over 280,000 net new consultant roles will be created in the period 2020-2024.

With the paradigm shift of fast-paced innovation and the need for digital skills, you need to have up-to-date knowledge and certification to differentiate yourself in the market and be a successful professional.

Stand out from the crowd with certified SAP solution skills

Certifications not only help you differentiate yourself on the market, but they can also benefit your career and professional development by increasing confidence in new skills, quality work output, and even salary. A recent Pearson VUE study reported benefits of an IT certification, which extend to growth in career opportunities and earning potential:

  • 35% reported increases in salary

  • 26% reported job promotions

  • 67% reported increased confidence in their abilities

As Stefania Pabon, SAP analyst at A.Z.C Diseño, Promotion y Mercadeo S.A.S, said “Without a doubt, SAP Global Certification has brought me a wide range of possibilities in the job market because it is generally a requirement to have SAP software knowledge.”

How to get started

Getting certified in SAP solutions has never been easier. Learn more about the SAP Global Certification program and how you can validate your skills right from your desk! You can also join live events to find out more about SAP Global Certification directly from SAP expert.

To help you prepare for certification, SAP offers a wide range of learning offerings to match your role, skill level, and preferred style of learning. With SAP Learning Hub, partner edition you can prepare for certification with all the learning resources you need to study, practice hands-on, and validate your skills.

Talk to your manager today and get your skills certified now to take the next step in your career.