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The direction of learning as it relates to talent management is a topic that seems to be growing in popularity lately. The discussions are endless around social, mobile delivery of learning content, just in-time learning, and micro-learning. Compliance and regulatory training is top of mind for many companies, as this could have expensive implications when companies are not able to report accurately which of their employees were trained on what, where, and when.

To address these topics, SAP Education will hold a virtual symposium on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 10:00 am EST, entitled “Leading the Talent of Tomorrow”.  During the symposium, you can hear from SAP, customers, partners, and analysts who are thought leaders on learning trends, best practices, and what’s hot and what’s not in the world of learning and learning delivery. 

Agenda and Panel

  • Introduction:  Joyce Chutchian, IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group (moderator)
  • “Are the wheels on your mobile learning strategy in sync?” - Scott Vinkemulder, IT Service Delivery Leader, Steelcase
  • “What’s the right mix of social learning for your L&D program?” Rose Loisi, Product Manager, SAP Education and  Mal Poulin, Director of Product Solutions, ANCILE
  • “How do you manage just enough, just in time training bites to your virtual community?” Mal Poulin, ANCILE
  • “How does learning in the cloud impact a content distribution plan?” –Sharon Newton, CEO & Principal, hyperCision
  • “Can you maintain operational compliance with your training plan?” – Sharon Newton, hyperCision

This is a great event to find out more about how the latest technology innovations are impacting corporate learning plans for today, and how to embrace change for the learning plan of tomorrow.

We invite you to register for the event and to post your learning questions, comments or discussion topics for the panel right here in SCN. 

Click here to register. We look forward to your participation. Follow us and the event: @SAPEDU #LearningRoundtable