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The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was a great opportunity to officially launch the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation. The idea behind this initiative is to engage and prepare executives and professionals to lead their organizations on their journey to become digital enterprises in collaboration with academia and partners. The SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation provides business, IT leaders and IT professionals with a home base for learning opportunities and collaboration with peers and experts to build the skills for their digital learning journey. As the network is evolving, more and more partners and thought leaders are expected to participate in order to further drive this important topic.


I am passionate about driving skills development for the digital transformation. As Global Head of Scale, Enablement and Transformation I have the privilege to meet many thought leaders from around the world. To share their insights on this important topic with you, I’d like to introduce a new talk show: “Education for the Digital Transformation”: short, three minutes interviews that focus on skills that are essential for digital transformation. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I had the pleasure to meet several CEOs, Managers and entrepreneurs, who shared insights into their business opportunities and challenges. The outcome are six great videos you can explore below.


Skills for the Digital Transformation – Inspirations


View the video here

Michael Martin, CEO of a startup called Audvisor - an app for executive and enterprise education

  • Audvisor (= audio advisor) is the world’s first push-button corporate communication and learning app which provides a platform for corporations to help communicate and teach employees learn

  • Top experts, leadership sales, marketing leave 3 minutes (or less) pieces of wisdom for employees which  can be sent to employees all over the world

  • Benefits for employees: they receive the information adjusted to their lifestyle


Michele McConomy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Corporate Innovation Services at RocketSpace Inc.)

  • How can corporations leverage the innovation power of start-ups?

  • What are the typical issues they are facing and how can they learn to overcome them?

  • RocketSpace navigates ambiguity by helping corporations understand the problems they want to solve and finding the right start-ups for them.

View the video here



View the video here


  1. Prof. Christoph Meinel, CEO of the Hasso Plattner Institute

    • Digital Learning and new technologies change the way we are learning and how we access content

    • 7 times more people using digital learning platforms than actually participate in classroom sessions

    • Question for the future: how can you create more social contact, more interaction, group interaction and learning together?


Thomas Gnahm, CEO and Founder of Wear It Berlin UGMaker Space)

  • Technology has reached the fashion industry with new ways of production and new ways of expressing yourself through fashion

  • So-called ‘Maker spaces’ bring together Tech guides with cool ideas and designers with talented skills come up with new inspiring products

  • ‘Fashion Hackday’, a hackathon in Berlin April 29th – May 1st, 2016 (Fashion meets Technology): 50 designers, techs, engineers, coders meet for the first time. The goal is to join the competition, and come up with new products.

View the video here


View the video here

Wolfgang Faisst, Head of SAP Exchange Media

  • SAP Exchange media: digitally transforming the advertising in the marketing area

  • Bringing together the advertiser and the publishers directly on a marketplace (SAP Exchange Media) provided by SAP HANA by running in real-time and on one platform only

  • Benefit for customers: optimize their advertising campaigns in real-time



Ann Rosenberg, Vice President and Head of global SAP University Alliances

  • SAP Next-generation consulting: getting fresh ideas from the next generation, leveraging the minds of young people, like students or interns, to build solutions for digital transformation

    • Build new apps, create new business ideas, or co-innovate in hackathons or dedicated projects at customer sites

    • At the Mobile World Congress we had students from all parts of the world showing the great things that have been built with SAP customers

    • Leveraging startups and people with entrepreneurial skills to build innovative solutions is absolutely crucial for success in the digital transformation

View the video here


Have a look at the videos outlined above, and join the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation TODAY in order to help grow and shape this platform:

    1. Go to 

    2. Register for the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation

    3. Join the SAP Learning Hub and start with your learning journey


The SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation makes it easy to find content and events provided by SAP via traditional classrooms and digital offerings including SAP Learning Hub, openSAP and openSAP Thought Leaders, and in the future also from other parties such as universities and SAP user groups.


Read more about the SAP Education for Digital Transformation in the new brochure.


Dr. Bernd Welz is EVP and Head of Scale, Enablement & Transformation SAP SE.