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INSEEC Business School joined University alliance Community in 2013.  0

UA France has been invited for the second time at the job fair which took place in Paris on the 5th of November.

180 companies were present to introduce their activities and career opportunities. Around 800 visitors, students and young graduates visited the exhibition, looking for the job, internship of their dreams.

Our SAP booth received many students and candidates during all day. This was the opportunity to present SAP Group activities, different roles and career opportunities. We received around 30 students and collected 20 Curriculum to feed on going recruitment process.

We particularly promoted sales and presales academy as well as careers website:

Many interviews and discussions took place in English as many students came from various different countries. 

Many students were also interested in careers and internship abroad, in all domains : sales, presales, consulting, finance, marketing.

Thanks a lot to the organization and see you next year !