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Certain opportunities knock your door only once, but Symbiosis Fraternity was very lucky to have gotten THREE unique opportunities to learn something intriguing and exciting – YES, THREE colleges from the Symbiosis International University played hosts for some exciting sessions on SAP Lumira on 21st and 22nd November, 2013.

As Students we have a keen sense and urge to learn new things. When these new things are presented right in front of us on a plate – we have one intention, to fill our appetite as much as possible. SCIT and SIIB students had this privileged opportunity to satisfy their appetite for knowledge though SAP Lumira Workshop on November 21. Rightfully Mr.Raghu and Mr.Praveen delivered amazing and interesting insights into Lumira and enlightened us on how the industry can make use of it.

There were interesting examples and illustrations about Lumira with regards to analysing Player Performances in NFL (analogous to how Brad Pitt used Sabermetrics in Moneyball). There was another example that involved analysing how Onion Prices soared high over the course of time with an interesting video from Cyrus Brocha’s show.

     Every student who attended the workshop had a hands-on experience on SAP Lumira with customized data. Everyone was interested in understanding how the software can leverage Business Intelligence and Analytics. Mr. Raghu was extremely wise and brilliant in answering all the student queries with patience.

Finally it was time to win some goodies J Mr.Raghu asked some though provoking questions that required students to work on the datasets and come up with results in very limited amount of time. On contrary to the popular belief that Last Benchers are usually not-attentive, all the three goodies were by last benchers

The event then ended with Raghu and Praveen closing the session by enlightening us about the history and the future roadmap that SAP has in store for SAP Lumira. They also encouraged students to participate in SAP Lumira University event organized for students to come up with amazing visualizations and analysis of datasets. Everyone was excited to hear about where the contest would take them when they win it and the recognition that comes along with it.

I, as an SAP Student Ambassador had an amazing time not only organizing the workshop, but also getting vital information about SAP Lumira. I am very sure that this session will be a very good value add to my professional career and the interaction with the team was really very very constructive and enlightening. Also, I am hoping that our college grabs the I-Pad for the highest number of Registrations for Lumira Challenge. Finally I would like to thank SAP University Alliances for making the workshop possible at Symbiosis and the constant encouragement by them for us Student Ambassadors to be a part of an exciting event.