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I am writing this blog to share my experience with openSAP, my first experience with openSAP. I wish this could have been possible some 10 years back when I was in university and was expecting free learning from the experts.

I am student of a Life time so for me it is never too late. This blog is for all of you who wants to learn and keep learning that too from experts in the industry. openSAP is blessing in disguise if you realize it sky is the limit.

1. I registered my self for the course "Build your own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud", I was thinking what it could be at most will have some basic materials and information how to start. but it is far more than what I thought it would be. It is very well managed course with professionals driving it.

2. Good thing was that whole course is well divided into smaller units and accompanies with self test. This will keep you going.

3. What impressed me most was the course is supported by extra ordinary portal, android as well as ios app (honestly speaking I use all the 3 to keep my course going)

  • Android - On myphone when I am travelling in Metro
  • IOS - my Ipad when I am at home
  • Portal - On my laptop while I am doing my exercises

4. Both IOS & Android apps allows me to download all the videos & pdfs for viewing offline. So when I am travelling or I don't have internet still I can continue my learning.

5. I can track my progress, get necessary notifications, collaboration space, discussion forums to ask questions if you have any.

6. At end what you get is the Record of achievement which in itself is as good as earning a certificate

I am continuing my course when I get time from my day to day job and this keeps me motivated.

I want to thank openSAP team for their hard work and dedication for bring the best for us.

Thank you! Kudos to you guys! Give it a try those who have not tied yet.... Happy Learning and may the power to know be with you!