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Dear all,

Here below I translate this original Spanish press release in English, here below.

:wink: Congratulations to Belén Fernandez, responsible for CSR and Communications within SAP Spain for the event. We would love to have such joint initiatives for students together with SAP University Alliances.

13 student teams from different Universities in Madrid got together to generate ideas for the digital future.

A real case, a challenge and a record time to give an answer. About 50 students proceeding from different Universities have participated  on December 3 and 4 in the University Creativity and Innovation Challenge. An initiative from the Fundación Junior Achievement which, with the support from SAP Spain, has tested entrepreneur abilities and team work from these University young thinkers.

During one-and-a-half day, and grouped together in groups of 5/6 people, the students participants had to face the challenge @Madrid: Ideating the digital future. Starting from a real case the different teams have developed different business ideas focused to better citizens in Madrid thanks to the “Internet of Things”.

Finally the project Zeit, an intelligent garment for veteran athlets that detects and warns possible ailments or injuries, has been done with the first prize of this Innovation Camp. An educative project, with the aim of foster the entrepreneurship spirit and develop the idea generation among young thinkers, li also work through a practical point of view in applying technology in general and Internet and the mobility in a practical environment of growing interconnection among people, organizations, places and things to better lives in the cities. This interconnection has given place to the hyperconnectivity, converted in a characteristic of our society, marked for the “always on”, and that it is propitiating important changes in the personal and professional life. A reality that has permitted that Internet has more value for the global economy that traditional industries like agriculture or energy, since its value was of 3,4% of the PBI of the main world economies in 2010. Moreover, it is growing quickly, since it is foreseen that the cipher will have duplicated in 2016. Internet of things is one of the hyperconnectivity area which has increased. The forecasts show that the number of “things” connected (excluding PC, tablets and smartphones) will multiply by 30 between 2009 & 2020.

Screenshot of the original article