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  On April 17, Dean Sivara, Vice President SAP,  Strategy & New Businesses, held an innovation workshop at UC Berkeley – Haas School of Business in San Francisco, CA.  The Executive MBA Program innovation workshop was setup to work with students on a business problem, helping them understand how large enterprises innovate.  Dave Rochlin, (faculty from Haas School of Business) asked a number of innovation executives from several companies to attend a workshop and work with their Executive MBA students to solve a business case.

The business case challenge was to help the Music Industry become more innovative, by building an innovation center in Silicon Valley.  The 60 MBA candidates were broken into 10 teams, with each team assigned an innovation executive. Teams brainstormed and presented innovative ideas around topics,
such as space utilization, leveraging the parent company, and talent acquisition. The teams had a great day learning innovative strategies to solve business problems.