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It was the 5th March 2013 when we arrived at the Multi-Media Berufsbildende Schule Hannover. My colleagues from SAP University Alliances (SAP UA) and me entered the huge dark empty room, where the InnoJam workshop would take place. At that moment we couldn’t imagine how it would look after 24 hours. We started to set up and decorate the room with all the necessary stuff. UA and TIP worked hand in hand to bring the room to life for the InnoJam.
It took us few hours before the room was almost ready.

Later in the afternoon 3 other students from SAP University Alliances and me went to the “bed and budget hostel”, where the participants of the InnoJam arrived. We welcomed some of them and answered questions of them. Moreover we organized the registration of the participants.

In the evening we went back to the Multimedia School and arranged the last steps for the big day.

The InnoJam workshop took place from the 6. / 7.3.13.

At 9 o clock in the morning the students arrived at the Multi-Media Berufsbildende Schule Hannover. The students came with the shuttle bus, which we offered them for the next two days, from bed and budget to the school and back to the hostel. My colleagues and me were waiting in the school to register the students and give them their badges and SAP UA T-Shirts. At the same time a breakfast buffet was offered.

99 students from 14 different countries (Germany, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Egypt, Switzerland, Iraq, Serbia, Peru, Pakistan, Ghana, Hungary and Namibia) participated the 33 hours workshop. Furthermore some Professors and PHD students attended the workshop.

At 9:30 the Keynotes were presented by Aiaz Kazi (Head of TIP Marketing) and Ann Rosenberg (Head of global University Alliances). Aiaz Kazi talked about SAP HANA and Ann Rosenberg presented the Program of SAP UA. In addition she introduced the topic of the InnoJam “Share your dreams”. At the end of the Keynotes a design thinking coach (Alexander Graebe), two other event organizers and students from SAP UA (Marouan Boukli and Fawad Ahmed Shah) and me went up to the stage and shared our dream experiences to the audience.

After that, the InnoJam workshop started. Each student was pre-assigned to one of the eleven teams guided by a design thinking coach and got one of the four topics. The topics were:

Volunteering Feedback Loop via Mobile Device by (Redesign the volunteer matching experience for, organizations and the volunteers in order to be able to track successful matches with special emphasis on mobile technology),

Conscious Consumption of Meat - by Mein kleine Farm (Redesign the meat consumption experience for in order to foster conscious consumption of meat),

Communication Experience for Young Leaders - by BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt (Redesign the network experience for members of our company-wide “Young Leaders Network” during and after our non-profit forums in order to maximize the value they get out of the conferences and their network) and

Visibility of IT Donations - by Stifter Helfen (Redesign the visibility of IT donations and their impact within non-profit organization.

The design thinking lead Hester Hilbrecht went through all lectures with the participants. The lectures were really creative and innovative. We saw the students working with Post-It’s, doing research and taking interviews.

During the whole workshop a various buffet and drinks were offered for all participants of the InnoJam.

Furthermore the entire event was accompanied by Social Media. We uploaded Tweets and pictures during the event.

In the afternoon around 5 pm the design thinking part was finished. Each team went up on the stage and presented their fantastic ideas. At the end of each presentation the students got some feedback.

Then the coding part started, where the students used SAP’s newest technologies for example SAP HANA. 20 hours of coding, coding and coding followed. I only slept two hours on a fat boy. A lot of students coded the whole night. The huge amount of Redbull Energy drinks helped them to stay awake. Some other students went back to bed and budget hostel. And other student took a short nap on fat boys and chairs.

On the next day at 2:30 pm the coding part ended. The students presented their final prototypes in front of the judges. It was amazing! 30 hours earlier the students didn't know anything about their topics, but in end they developed brilliant prototypes.

The jury consisted of three Judges: Ann Rosenberg, Head of Global SAP University Alliances; Aiaz Kazi, Head of TIP Marketing and Clemens Frede, Stifter Helfen. Every team got a professional feedback from each judge.

After all presentations and feedback the students got a certificate for their participation in the InnoJam and took team pictures.  Finally we headed to Halle 4 at the CeBIT to discover who would be the big Winners of this competition.

At the SAP booth Uwe Kylau (Developer Advocate, TIP Developer Experience) gave a presentation about the whole workshop to the CeBIT audience. After that Harry Thomson (Managing Director SAP Germany) welcomed everyone and praised the students.

Then the jury came up on the stage and announced the winner of the InnoJam 2013 at CeBIT. Team 11 “#Fourtyone1/2” was selected in first place! The Winners got awesome prices. Each of them can participate the InnoJam at SAP TechED in Las Vegas. Furthermore they got IPod Shuffles and InnoJam Winner T-Shirts. In the end team 11 presented shortly their great application.

The InnoJam ended with a nice party at the SAP booth. Music was played. Drinks and Snacks were offered for everyone. Two awesome days ended where so many cultures and motivated enthusiastic people came together.