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Who Am I

I am currently a senior at Grand Valley State in Grand Rapids, MI pursuing my B.B.A In Management Information Systems. I began as just a Management major but the exposure that GVSU has given to me about SAP through my courses has grown my interest in SAP. As I have continued to take courses involving SAP I have grown to really enjoy SAP and the opportunities it has. I took my interest in SAP a little beyond my courses when I completed and passed the Terp-10 Certification of this year. As I come to my graduation date I look forward to pursuing a career in SAP and utilizing the opportunities SAP has for its users.

Experiencing SAP TechEd && d-code

Having the opportunity to attend SAP TechEd made me have a different outlook of my future in SAP. Being able to see the opportunities SAP has allowed for its customers and partners was exciting. As a current student it was extremely beneficial to see what my future career will potentially involve as I get more involved in SAP. Having exposure to new software such as HANA and how it is being utilize in the workforce will help me be more educated as I begin to search for a career. Everyday at the conference we had the chance to explore new technology SAP has to offer and how these can positively benefit a company and us as a SAP user. We had the opportunity to make connections with other users that use the software and get real life advice and knowledge from their experiences. Overall, the experience has created a new outlook for me in my career with SAP.

Being a Young Women in the Technology Workforce

As a young women getting ready for my career in technology it was inspiring to see the women involved so heavily in SAP at the conference. There are very few women involved in the Management Information Systems program at my college so it was nice to see other young female students that have chosen to go down this male dominant field. I think it is a good point to encourage women to get more involved in technology at the undergraduate level and beyond.  Ann Rosenberg was an outstanding example of the power a female in the technology workforce. The work I observed she does with University Alliances and how she stands as a representative of women in the field is promising. It gave me more confidence in pursuing my career in SAP to see the women of SAP at the conference and engaging in all the opportunities given there. As I have looked more into SAP as a company I have come by programs such as Girls Who Code and European Center for Women and Technology and I think these are great opportunities that SAP has created to encourage young females to engage in this movement of more women in the field. Initiatives such as trying to increase the amount of management roles by women within SAP is another great example of the environment that SAP has created for its female employees.